Poetry, Story Telling and Pros


at Brighton Arts Club

Rootz at Brighton Arts Club Thursday Open Mic

Midday til the last man stands.....Though it will probably be a woman

A day of oral pleasure and aural indulgence at Brighton Arts Club....brush up your oratory skills. All welcome with any poem, your own or classics, limmericks, jingles, saucy or sweet, memorised only I am afraid for the free cider otherwise you are welcome to read!.......you will be mic'd up and have to get off when you start stumbling. If you last 30 minutes you get a free pint of cider! 25th of may

Poetry and Cider Marathon

Saturday, May 25th, 12-11pm

Brighton Arts Club

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

You may read from script or memory and may even improvise!!!!!!!

Anyone who gets through half an hour without a f**k up gets a pint of cider free if they do it from memory
Spliff Richard at Brighton Arts Club Thursday Open Mic
Beauty Will Grow a poem by Mirabah Joel Jojabo
Open Mic at Brighton Arts Club
Brighton Arts Club Open Mic with Sascha Cooper