Tierra de gracia (land of grace)

This is the flag of Venezuela

You should visit Venezuela if you haven't I want to! This looks like a good place to see and allot of people to meet. Venezuela has nice people to connect with and has allot of cool places to be. Bring allot of comforting clothes and rainy clothes to the weather can be very confusing.

About Venezuela

Venezuela’s rainy season runs from May to December. During this period, there is the possibility of flooding in certain low-lying areas, such as the Llanos and in some valleys of the Andes. The dry season is from December to April, with January and February being the coolest months, and July and August being the warmest. The best time to visit the Andes mountains is from October to May, before the rains come in June. Venezuela’s weather is quite changeable, and even during the dry season there’s always a chance of rain. If you’re up in the northern mountainous region, you’re likely to encounter a good few downpours. Lightweight cottons and jeans will be suitable in most locations, whether in the lowlands or on the coast. Situated in the north east corner of the South American continent, Venezuela is bordered to the north by the Caribbean, to the east by Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by Brazil, and to the west and southwest by Colombia.

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