She's The Man vs Twelfth Night

By: Dylan Wren

She's The Man and The Twelfth Night are very similiar

Both of these movies have the same plot and concept throughout the movie. As both main characters are girls who pretend to be boys to go against all odds. .Both happen to take place at Ilyria. But there are differences between the two. For example in She's The Man the main character decides to impersonate her brother at her school while in Twelfth Night the main character just impersonates a random man.

Shakespeare Quote's

  • "If music be the food of love, play on." - orsino-1.1.1
  • "What great ones do the less will prattle of" - captain- 1.2.34
  • " Like patience on a monument" -Viola- 2.4.126

Comedy Ladder

Comedy of ideas- the characters argue ideas or are representative of people who hold these ideas.

Comedy of manners- referred to as the amorous intrigues of the aristocratic classes, this comedy emphasized the mechanism of language and reduces drama and life to a sheen of verbal wit.

farce- this is most readily identified by the devices which drive the plot.

low comedy- at the bottom of the comedy ladder man is almost indistinguishable from the animal.