Hate List

Connecting this book to Greek Mythology

About Hate List

Hate List is about a high school girl named Valerie. Her boyfriend, Nick, commited a school shooting with the people that were on their 'hate list' and he killed himself. The hate list included people that bullied them and all things that they hated in general. Despite Valerie's bullet injury from the shooting, she returns to school and if forced to face all the survivors of the shooting and the people it effected. Some kids thank Valerie for saving them by getting in front of the bullet Nick was aiming at them, and others think she should be the one dead, not their friends. Later on Valerie learns to accept herself and those who don't accept her. She come at peace with her life without Nick.

Their "Hate List"

The Hate List that started it all included the kids at school that bullied them, that called them names and slammed them into lockers. It also had all of their problems at home, like Valerie's parents continuous fighting and Nick's mom never being home and always being out with her new boyfriend.

Main Characters

Connections to Greek Mythology

Hate List relates to Orpheus and Eurydice because they both had to trust their significant other. Valerie had too much trust in Nick, she trusted him with the hate list and that he would never say anything about it. But Nick brought it to life and went against Valerie's back thinking he was helping her. Orpheus and Eurydice was about Eurydice being killed and the only was Orpheus could see her again was if he led her out of the underworld and didn't look back at her. Orpheus didn't have enough trust in Eurydice because he looked back to make sure she was still there, and then she was gone forever.

More Connections

The main theme in the myth Orpheus and Eurydice and the book Hate List is to be able to trust and have faith in the person you love.

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