Mustang Tales

November 12, 2021 Vol 2. Issue 12

Message from Principal Masone

Dear Families,

Happy Veteran's Day! We are so fortunate to have so many Veterans amongst us. Having grown up on a military base, Veteran's Day is a special day for me and my family. Thank you to all of the Veterans who currently serve or have served our country, making us the land of the free and home of the brave. Please take a look at the wonderful Veteran's tribute Ms. Lawson created. Veteran's Day Video

Next week our fifth graders will be visiting Manitou Springs Middle School to hear more about our school up the hill. Principal Dustin Cady visited each fifth grade class today and will provide a tour to each fifth grade class next week. Mr. Cady and staff will host a virtual meeting for parents on November 18, at 6:00pm. Read more below.

Our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00am. Due to the December holiday break, we will meet the first Tuesday, December 7, 10:00am. Right now the group is developing a team of parents to approve budget items. PAC is also planning to fund a service dog and would like your input and suggestions.

Our SAC, School Accountability Committee, will be meeting at 8:15am, on November 16th. We will continue our discussion of the school's action plan and our recent Instructional Rounds. We have three steps to our action plan:

1. Strengthen the culture of instructional feedback

2. Increase collaborative communication and leadership opportunities

3. Implement a school-wide MTSS process.

We will share more on these steps in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend!



Important Dates

  • Nov 16 -SAC meeting, 8:15am
  • Nov 17 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • Nov 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 1 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • Dec 8 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • Dec 15 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • Dec 20 - Jan 5 - Winter Holiday Break

Preschool- Ask Your Expert

Do you think preschoolers spend their days playing and singing songs? Yes, If they are lucky they do! Our preschool believes in the learning power of play! With that in mind, we started our Families and Community domain this week. As we learn about our community’s helpers, the preschoolers will see beyond themselves and their home. A village is being built in our room! We have started with a post office and will be adding a grocery store soon.

Some questions to ask your little experts are:

What do some of your community helpers’ vehicles look like? (ambulance, fire truck, postal vehicle, police car) Can you name some tools your community “builders and fixers” use? (hammer, screwdriver, saw) What kinds of community helpers do you see in your own neighborhood? (mail carriers, bus drivers, garbage collectors, construction workers)

1st Grade- Ask Your Expert

First Graders have been learning about Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt! Ask your expert these questions: "Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and why? (King Nebuchadnezzar had it built to remind his wife, the queen, of her homeland) What important rivers run through the areas of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt? (Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile) Why were ancient pyramids built in Egypt? (as tombs for pharaohs) Describe the Great Sphinx. (body of a lion and head of a pharaoh) What forms of writing existed in these ancient civilizations? (cuneiform in Mesopotamia and hieroglyphs in Egypt).

3rd Grade CKLA

Third graders are traveling through the Ancient Roman Empire as they learn about the government, jobs, religion, leaders and contributions to our world that define a civilization. Roman government began because rivalry kingdoms were overthrown and the Roman Republic was formed. Romans believed that a democracy (which allowed the citizens to elect leaders) was the best form of governing. Consuls (government officials elected by the senate) would create the laws. Discuss with your expert how our government is similar to the Ancient Roman government. Your expert will know many jobs of the Ancient Roman civilization (farms, craftsmen, traders, politicians). Romans also believed in a polytheistic religion (many gods), and your experts will be able to tell you much about the different gods and goddesses Romans believed in. The most prominent leader in Roman history is Julius Caesar, so share your knowledge as we continue to learn about this historical figure. As you know, Rome wasn't built in a day, so we still have much to learn! All roads lead to Rome; however, we will end this unit as experts, just ask!

5th Grade AYE

All solutions are mixtures, but not all mixtures are solutions! Fifth grade worked hard to create and deconstruct mixtures and solutions over the course of a two week lab. Ever wondered how to separate a mystery mixture that included sand, pebbles, rice, iron filings, and salt? Ask your 5th grader - they will be able to tell you how!


In Spanish, students are having fun and learning through drama, reading, songs/music, and games. We are learning:

5th grade, My grandparents

4th grade, My siblings

3rd grade, My siblings

2nd grade, Family members

1st grade, Colors

Kindergarten, Days of the week/ Greetings.

Manitou Springs Middle School Welcome!

Dear Manitou Springs Elementary 5th Grade Parents,

My name is Dustin Cady, and I am the principal of Manitou Springs Middle School. I look forward to introducing your incoming 6th grader to our wonderful school. Next week, each 5th grade class will take a short field trip to the middle school to meet staff, tour the school, and have some fun! Our goal is to get students excited for middle school and begin to prepare them for the transition.

I also want to invite you to a virtual informational night next week. Mrs. Bartlett (Assistant Principal), Cory Urban (6th Grade Teacher), and I look forward to introducing ourselves and answering questions about Manitou Springs Middle School. We will share many of the exciting opportunities that our school has to offer. I hope to see you there!

Virtual Parent Night for MSES Families

Thursday, November 18th

6:00 - 6:45 PM

Manitou Robotics Competition

On November 6th, the First Robotics Lego League Exhibition and competition took place. Manitou Elementary and Middle School represented 10 of the 15 teams competing! with 7 of the teams from MSES. Manitou received 5 of the 10 trophies handed out and one team is advancing to State!


Middle School-

MSMS Team 1 #7887-

* Top Robot Game Award (210 points!)

* 1st Place Project Award

* Advanced to State on December 11!

MSMS Team 2 #6946

* 1st Place Core Values

MSES Team 3 #21980

* 2nd Place Robot Design

MSES Team 2 #21979

* 2nd Place Core Values

A big congratulations to all of these independent and amazing students who participated in the event.!

Thank you to all of the Coaches, parents and family members, mentors, Connect14, MSSD14 Bus Drivers and Custodians, the Tech Department, and the District Admin who support and believe in this program!
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Counseling Corner

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Holiday Help

If your family could use some extra help (food, clothing, toys) during the upcoming holiday season, or you want to sponsor a family who is needing help, check out the flyers below and return them before November 15th!

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Nutrition Services

Breakfast and lunch are free for all students. We would still like all families that qualify to fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch form on our district website.

Breakfast and lunch menus are available online here.

Imagine Art After School @ the MAC

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Parent Advisory Committee

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Manitou Springs Elementary School

Maria Masone, Principal

Jennifer Sueppel, Assistant Principal