LSST Telescope

This some future stuff right here

Location, Location, Location.....

El Penon Peak of Cerro Pachon, Chile! This place is all mountains and stuff, they needed to destroy the top of it to make it level so they used TNT to blow up the mountain! Due to its high elevation it is able to avoid the light pollution of the cities!

The Electromagnetic Thingy!

This awesome telescope views all the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum! It also has 3 billion pixels! Its basically a giant digital camera used to view space and and the galaxy!

How is it so awesome?!

the LSST will use a three billion pixel camera. The overall system will obtain sequential images of the entire observable sky, which can then be combined to provide a digital image of unprecedented depth and area coverage

How many Telescopes are there?!

There are actually two located at the site, the big LSST and the smaller calibration scope. The smaller one will be used to find a target for the LSST to home in on and take a picture of.

Other cool things!!

The LSST is still being built and the site is under construction, so it has not made any discoveries but they hope to find evidence of dark matter and dark energy. The project is expected to see Engineering First Light 2020 and Scientific First Light 2021.

By: Marshall M, Dallas G, Devon