KB Newsletter

February 2016 - Issue 5

Dates to Remember

Friday, February 5th - Spirit Day - WEAR RED

Friday, February 5th - Milto - 6:oopm

Wednesday, February 8th - Chinese New Year Parade (students only)

Friday, February 12th - Valentine's Day Party - 11:00am - All adults invited

Friday, February 12th - Class Theme Musical - 1:50pm - music room

February 15th - 19th - Mid-winter Recess

Language Arts

February is a short but busy month in KB. We are currently finishing up our Reading Workshop "Superpowers" unit and are getting ready to move on to a unit on retelling. We've been practicing all of our Reading Workshop skills in our guided reading groups. In Fundations, we are working on "tapping out" words to both spell and to read. This is helping us during Writing Workshop, as we are getting ready to publish true stories about our lives.

Please be sure to add all books read at home to your child's reading log; our goal is for each student to read/listen to 100 books by the end of the school year!


We are very close to completing our third math unit and the first volume of our student workbook. Our focus has been on building/decomposing teen numbers, as well as identifying "partners" of numbers. Number partners are the numbers we can add together to build a greater number (example: 2 and 3 are partners of 5). Additionally, we are practicing building our fluency with adding and subtracting within 5.

We have been practicing counting to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to gear up for the 100th day of school. Earlier this week, I sent home information about an optional 100th day of school project. If you have any questions about it, please let me know.


  • Please feel free to send in your child's valentines when they are ready. We can store them in the room. Please be cognizant that we have food allergies in our classroom (nuts and gluten).
  • Please send in a healthy snack each day, even on the days your child is buying lunch.

Things to Do at Home

  • Practice writing simple sentences in a journal.
  • Have your child cut a picture out of a magazine. Then he or she can write sentences explaining what is going on in the picture.
  • Go over sight words every night.
  • Have your child count two sets of objects and tell you which has more and which has less.
  • Have your child read a book to you. He or she should be able to recognize sight words and sound out some of the CVC words.
  • Break numbers down into their “partners.”