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Ancient Egyptians Most Popular Sport

Ancient Egyptians most popular sport was soccer. They didn't do it like we did today, but they did a similar version. They still had to kick the ball, and all that. The difference was goals were made out of different material. Adults, and kids played soccer. Another popular sport was swimming. Since they had the Nile they could swim whenever they wanted.

Ancient Romans Most Popular Sport

Ancient Romans most popular sport was trigon. In trigon three people stood in a triangle, and threw the ball to each other. If you dropped it you were out. Another popular sport was soccer. Ancient Egyptians played soccer to. Ancient Romans also played a game called pancratium. It was a combination of wrestling, and boxing.
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Sports that just Egyptians played

Sports that just Egyptians played were judo, handball, field hockey, tug of war, rowing, and horse racing. All of these sports they play differently today. Rowing, field hockey, and tug of war were team games they played, that Romans didn't.

Sports that just Romans played

A sport that just Romans played was weightlifting. They wouldn't lift weights like we do today, but they would lift heavy objects in the world around them. Romans called horse racing" chariot racing". Ancient Romans also gambled. They wouldn't like we do today, but a similar version. They would gamble on little things like games of backgammon, or big things like sporting events. A lot of people gambled.
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Here is a video comparing the two civilizations.

Survival Sports

Both Egyptians, and Romans hunted, and fished for survival. They had to eat so they used what was around them to kill, and eat. They didn't use fishing lines, and guns. They used spears to kill land animals, and little nets to catch fish. Without this their may have been a food shortage in Ancient Egypt. They also did these for sport as well.
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Medals? Uniforms? Where did they Play? What were the Balls made out of?

Ancient Egyptians didn't have medals. They won colored cloth, or ribbons to represent the place they finished in. For uniforms teams just wore the same color clothing to show teams. They played sports on grassy areas, or in the streets. The balls were made out of cloth, and papyrus on the outside, and barley husks, straw, grass, reeds, rags, and horsehair on the inside.
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Senet is a game I tried to play. Each person puts their pieces on the game board rotating 1-14. Then you flip a coin 5 times. Each time it lands on heads you move some spaces. The first person to get all their pieces off the board wins. If you, and your opponent are on the same tile, you exchange where you are. So if your are on 7, and go to 14, and your opponent is on 14, he would now go to 7, because you were at space 7. That is how you play Senet.

How Often did Romans Play their Sports.

Romans played all their sports 10-12 times a year. That is about an average of once a month. In comparison the NFL play 16 games in a season. They played a little less than NFL non-playoff teams do today.


The most bloody game Ancient Romans played was called gladiators. It was very hard, and brutal. Gladiators is like war. People rode on horses during the battle. If you were taken away during the battle you were sold as a slave. If you try to escape as a slave, and you are caught you have to go back in jail. You don’t get much to eat in prison either. In the game you can die. It is sometimes a 1 on 1 battle, and sometimes a team battle. The winners lives, and the loser dies. If both people stay on their feet, a draw may be called.
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