You've Been Served

By Danielle Bynum

Step 1:

File a Pleading- A Pleading is a document filed with the court containing allegations about the parties evolved.

There types of pleading are Complaint and Answer.A complaint is a short statement about how you feel you have been wronged contains facts that support your case that show you are entitled to judgement. A answer is the accused or defendants response to the complaint.

Step 2:

The plaintiff(accusing party)serves a summons on the defendant. A summons is a notice of lawsuit.

Step 3:

There is a pretrial conference where the trial plan is discussed including the plan on admission of evidence. As well as preponderance of evidence which means whether the evidence is actual or is relevant to the case.

Step 4:

The trail starts,the plaintiff and the defendant present there argument,evidence. after that the case is decided apon by the judge who issues a verdict.

Step 5:

If a person feels that they were misjudged or something was done wrong they can file an appeal to have there case examined by a higher court.


Instead of going to trial the two parties could use a mediator or a arbitrator. A mediator is a third party that is your "go between person" that can help you settle the case A arbitrator is a neutral third party that reviews your disputes and renders a decision.