John Calvin



In 1509 John Calvin was born as Jehan Cauvin, and he was also the first of four sons to survive past infancy. In 1523 he went to the University of Paris to study Theology. It is said that in 1529 he experienced a sudden conversion ans grasped Protestantism. Calvin was a strong believer in behaving as God wished. He believed that the church and the state should be separate but the consistory tried moral and religious offenders. He also believed that by introducing a discipline code it would effectively control peoples lives.


He published 4 editions of 'Institutes of the Christian Religion', and also 'Commentary on Romans' and Catechisme de l'Eglise de Genève. John composed articles concernant l'organisation de l'eglise et du culte à Genève, with William Farel. The theological system, Calvinism has been named after him.

Impact on Society

Calvinism is one of John Calvin's greatest impacts on society. The Protestant Sect of Christian still is practiced today. His works that he published are still studied as well.

Interesting Facts

  • Calvin originally was going to be a lawyer
  • He was the first of four sons to survive
  • Lutheranism caused his ideas of Calvinism to spread slowly
  • On February 6, 1564 Calvin preached his last sermon
  • No man has had a greater impact on the theology of the Protestant Churches today than John Calvin
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