The Life Of A Creative Monster

A soundtrack to my unusual life by Samantha Cleveland


In my life, though it’s still just beginning, I’ve known the ups and downs of fine and unfavorable times. Through these experiences, I’ve been favored with a devoted family. A family that has been a beacon, a light that has often guided me through the course of my life. Without my family, I would’ve long been lost in a sea of my own misery. That is why, I would like to dedicate this soundtrack to my family. No matter how far away we seem, you will always be close to my heart.

♥ Where it begins

My mother was 16 weeks pregnant when she found out about me, it wouldn’t be until 13 weeks later when I would shock everyone by arriving unscheduled. This unscheduled miracle not only changed my family's lives, but also brought about the beginning of my own.

"Here I am" by Bryan Adams (4:17)

I feel this song is a good representation of how I would describe my entrance into the world.
Bryan Adams - Here I Am - With Lyrics

"Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd (6:00)

When I was younger, me, my dad, and my brothers Andrew and Ronald would occasionally play pool in my father's bar to this song. One of my favorite parts is my father would turn it all the way up where you could here the walls shake.
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

"Twistin' The Night Away" by Sam Cooke (2:43)

This is one of those songs no matter how bad of a mood I am in, I feel better every single time I hear it. It reminds me of a Cd my Grandma Flynn burned me when I was a little girl. It had all sorts of silly wacky songs I still sing a long to when I hear them.
Sam Cooke-Twistin' The Night Away

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" by The Charlie Daniels Band (3:33)

Often in elementary school and middle school, my grandma would drive me to school. In the mornings when the traffic report wasn't playing, she would set the radio station to the country channel 99.5. This is one of the songs I remember most driving home with her during the winter and the car was a little to hot.
The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia

"Vide Cor Meum" by Patrick Cassidy (3:56)

One of my all time time favorite movies is Hannibal. This song plays during one of the scenes in the opera house and it makes me feel relaxed. The beautiful singing calms me down.
Patrick Cassidy, Vide cor Meum

"I Can't Dance" by Genesis (3:58)

On occasion when my father would pick me up from middle school in the red convertible he would play this song. I couldn't help but smile along clapping my hands to the beat. i always felt cool when he would come pick me up.
Genesis - I can't dance

"Mambo Italiano" by Dean Martin (2:25)

My mother was teaching me how to make homemade lasagna and I decided to play this song dancing around the kitchen to make her laugh. I remember we kept the Italian theme playing other songs mostly by Dean Martin.
Mambo Italiano Dean Martin lyrics

"La Negre Tiene Tumbao" by Celia Cruz (4:19)

Garth Brooks- Friends In Low Places
Toby Keith - I Wanna Talk About Me

"Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker (3:50)

When I was a little girl, on a couple occasion my father brought me and my brothers to Turners. I would play the old bowling game there and occasionally run around with the other kids. I remember running through a room and seeing the name Cleveland on one of the tiles on the ceiling, It turns out my grandpa helped build the place. This song reminds me of there, not only for that but also because it was the first place I ever sang Karaoke, not to mention I got a dollar from one of my relatives for singing.
Follow Me Uncle Kracker Lyrics.wmv


This section of songs is dedicated to the members of my home church. I miss you all so much, All I can remember are your smiling faces and I know they are going to change when I come home.

"Christmas Shoes" by Alabama (4:48)

Every Christmas I would go to church with my mom dressed up. Every year, Pastor Freddy Ray, a man who means a lot to me and always made me smile would sing this song. It never failed to make me cry. I miss hearing him sing, I miss my home there so much.
The Christmas Shoes by Alabama plus lyrics

"Roses Will Bloom Again" by The Easters (4:15)

Before I moved to North Carolina, this was one of the last songs Sister Sorma and Sister Dottie sang. I remember siting on the steps in the back when they sang it, I always sat in the same place when I came to church late. I always cry when I hear this and think of them.
Roses Will Bloom Again with Lyrics by The Easters

"Antioch Church House Choir" by Dixie Melody Boys (4:02)

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember sister Dottie and Sister Sorma singing this song. I remember on a couple occasions I was on the stage singing this with them. It makes me cry in happiness sometimes of the fond memories I have.
Antioch Church House Choir

"Jesus Loves Me" by Whitney Houston (5:12)

This is one of the many songs I remember singing in the church Choir with the other kids. I miss you guys so much and think about you often.
Whitney Houston ~ Jesus Love Me ~ The Bodyguard [06]

"No More Tears" by Ozzy Osbourne (5:53)

No More Tears