Fifth Grade Fridays - Jan 3, 2014

All the Latest....

Welcome to the New Year at LC3, Relay ES

Please inventory and replenish supplies as much as possible. We have run low on glue sticks, and students do not always have a pencil to use.
Our class could use some tissues and some wipes. If you are able to donate, we are very thankful!

Math in January

Both groups will finish our unit on Geometry in the coming week. We will switch back to two groups then, and work on Fraction Concepts (Green Group) and Fraction Operations (Blue Group) for the remainder of the month.
Please remember that students can visit and to take advantage of extra practice opportunities. In First in Math, students should spend some time on fractions and in the Know and Show area of the site.

Science This Month

We will be learning about Comparing Rocks and Minerals, Uses of Rocks and Minerals, Soil, Weathering, Erosion, Earth's Moving Plates, and Rapid vs. Slow Changes. When we finish our Science unit, it will be time to return to Social Studies to learn about the Revolution during the month of February.
There will be a QUIZ early next week on the composition of the Earth and on minerals and rocks.

See the Website for Important Dates to Note and Any Upcoming Events

We are fortunate to have the Heart Challenge Activity come to our PE classes, beginning the end of January.