The South East Region

Of the United States


Im going to take YOU on a journey through the South East region. We will travel to all of the states in the SE region. Now hurry along or I'll leave without you!
Before we start our long but exciting trip, I would like to tell you some facts about this region! Now let's get started. The population of the southeast region is 69,282,201. That is a really big number.There is about 555,236 square miles in this region. The climate is hot and humid, so you better pack shorts! The south east region has low and flat plains that run along the coast.

Traveling Through The South East

Our first stop is Arkansas. Arkansas is a great place to go camping, but its like a desert here! Now were in Louisiana, Louisiana had a tragic hurricane in 2005 but now this states ok. People celebrate Madi Gras in Louisiana. Before we go to Mississippi, lets stop and see the Mississippi River. The Mississippi rivers source is in Minnesota and it empties into the gulf of Mexico. We better get back to driving now. Mississippi as you can tell is a very long word, and the river is the only thing I know about it. Alabama has lots of friendly people and is one of the only states that has natural steel and iron resources. Now lets scoot on past Georgia, And now were in Florida. Florida has one of the NASA research centers and Disney WORLD!! Were on the road again To South and North Carolina ,Virginia and west Virginia! In any of these four States there are a little piece of the Appalachian Mountains. Finally were down to our last too states. Tennessee and Kentucky, these states have a lot of greenery and country views. Now its time to head on home, I hope you enjoyed our trip through the South East!