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Week of March 20, 2016

Student Centered Coaching @ SSE

quotes from Student-Centered Coaching by Diane Sweeney

SCPS believes in supporting teachers through feedback and reflection---coaching. Hence the investment in a dedicated instructional coach for each building. The goal of coaching is to "improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant and job-embedded support to teachers". With any investment, we want to measure IMPACT--and in education, that impact is measured through student achievement.

Student-centered coaching turns its lens from the teacher to the students and is rooted in setting specific targets for students that are grounded in standards and coaches working collaboratively with teachers to reach those goals (Sounds a bit lit data teams too!) In this model:

  • focus is on using data and student work to analyze student learning and collaborate to make informed decisions about instruction
  • curriculum is viewed as a tools for reaching student learning objectives
  • trusting, respectful and collegial relationships are a necessary component
  • the coach is viewed as a partner that supports the teacher to meet his/her goals for students

Our 2nd grade team has entered into student-centered coaching with Robyn and have put standards and student work at the center of their discussions. They are busy collecting student evidence that matches their goals for their students. The 4th grade team and Bindu have been using student work to guide their discussions about impact and next instructional steps in math throughout this year. Connecting the goals of student learning and our goals for teaching practice will help both student and teacher feel supported and increase our impact on student learning.

I encourage you to continue to use your students' work to guide your discussions about your impact. Student misconceptions help us understand "snags" in their thinking/"snags" in our teaching. Student explanations help us to decompose their thought process and see evidence of/gaps in our guidance. Student understandings help us to celebrate our impact and continue to have high expectations of what they can do! Let student work be at the center of your efforts to prepare, plan, instruct, assess and reflect. And, welcome student centered coaching when it comes your way!


March Madness Potluck next Monday, the 21st! Bring your favorite halftime appetizer/ dish or dessert! Remember March birthdays don’t have to bring anything…Happy Birthday!

EdTech Sharefair @Blair/SSE Wednesday

This Wednesday the SCPS EdTech Sharefair will take place from 4:00-5:30 beginning at the Blair Center with sessions in upstairs classrooms at Southside. This is a great opportunity to learn several new tech tools from district teacher leaders! Be sure to reserve your ticket if you have not already!

To order your FREE tickets, visit the Eventbrite page here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/edtech-share-fair-2016-tickets-21353670403


  • Presenters will need all upstairs classrooms (except MSD) beginning at 4:00
  • Move clean easel, dry erase pen, eraser to outside of classroom for event signage
  • Clear off student desks
  • Have Thunderbolt projector adaptor readily visible and connected in desk area (for presenters to use)
  • Leave remote for projector on desk in clear view
  • GCA will be in to empty garbage, vacuum carpet and wipe off desks prior to 4:00 (If you have time to wipe down desks/tables that would be SO helpful!)

Thanks for sharing our beautiful building with other teachers!

Monday=RTI Recallibration

ALL teachers will meet on Monday during planning for RTI in Conference Room. On the agenda: review of WHY, updates to data organization, and changes to meeting format for remainder of the school year.

Our Data Shows Students Need More Support

from Krista Mornar

Now, the plea of desperation…In the month of February, we tripled our BUS REFERRALS, so we are in need of some support on buses. Any staff member who would be willing to ride a bus for up to 30 minutes in the afternoon, please email Mrs. Mornar! Classified staff — this would be a paid position! That’s 2 1/2 extra hours per week! Small amounts add up over time! Certified staff — we can work out a reinforcer for you, too! It doesn’t even have to be every day…

Double Planning Thursday

Homeroom teachers will benefit from additional planning on Thursday. Please use this time to finish preparations for conferences, plan for Engineering Week (K/1), develop test-taking strategies modules for Schoology, etc. Students will get information about the final 9 weeks Accelerated Reader challenge from the Student Lighthouse Team. We will also do a Read Aloud using Bookflix and students will have some time to read a book of their choice. PLEASE SEND ALL STUDENTS WITH AN A.R. BOOK (or 2) ON THEIR LEVEL!

7:45-8:40 4th grade

Cafeteria (Homeroom drop off; Admin to deliver to Related Arts)

8:45-9:40 5th & 3rd grades

Gym (Related Arts teachers drop off 5th, Homeroom drop off 3rd; Admin to deliver 3rd to RA)

9:45-10:40 2nd grade

Cafeteria (Homeroom drop off; Admin deliver to RA)

12:05-1:00 1st grade

Library (Homeroom drop off; Admin to deliver to RA)

1:00-1:55 Kindergarten

Library (Related Arts drop off 1st; Admin to deliver to homerooms)

Classified/ECE SMARTboard Training

Technology SMARTboard Training – Part 2 — Continuation of initial SMARTboard training for Instructional Assistants and interested ECE staff this Friday in Room 119 from 7:40-8:10. Thank you to teacher leader Lora Griffin for opening up her classroom and sharing her knowledge with other staff members!

Immediate Attention Needed: ESS

ESS — Permission Slip, Spreadsheet for students attending, and grade level plans may be accessed in SSE Google drive folder:


Please be sure to send home permission slips this week so that we can get the after school programs launched! Also, if you are interested in teaching ESS for a different grade level, we have some openings! Please let Krista Mornar know this week!

Resources Shared at PBL Training

borrowed from Dr. Neihof's weekly Principal Points:

Some resources that were shared with teachers on PBL:

· Managing Activities – Conquering the Calendar (Resource List - includes items on formative/summative assessments) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BAE_CVFheQ13nsx7YcZ4K9qqx_wcx9wxmwF2gJGWpLg/edit?pref=2&pli=1

· Scaffolding for English Learners - some of this is good for any unit, not just PBL: https://drive.google.com/a/bie.org/folderview?id=0B4exCIGJlwA0ekh3cmpPRFpQbjg&usp=sharing

· 29.5 Tips for Successfully Managing Projects http://bie.org/blog/29.5_tips_for_successfully_managing_a_project

More to Come on MakerSpace

Use this great link to build your background knowledge on MakerSpaces! Makenzi Hunter, Robyn Marcum, and Marilyn Tamer visited MakerSpaces last week in Northern KY. They are looking forward to sharing what they learned and hearing YOUR thoughts on how we might develop such a space for Southside students to use in 2016-17! Get a jump start---read the Smore Newsletter below!

Commissioner's Focus on Equity

Last Monday Commissioner Prewitt was a Blair Center listening to ideas around assessment. He shared that EQUITY is one of the pillars on which he will make decisions for students of our state! Music to my ears. I shared with you his thoughts on the Experience Gap in a previous Tiger Talk. Make it YOUR BUSINESS to understand how a commitment to equity informs our practice and decision making at Southside. The article below is a great start!

This Week at Southside

Monday, March 21


  • RTI meetings with ALL teachers during planning
  • Behavior RTI meetings after school
  • Elementary District Science Team Meeting 3:00-4:00 pm @ CO Boardroom
  • EL Homework Help w/ Paula and Marta (2:45-4:00)

Tuesday, March 22

  • Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching
  • RTI progress letters/graphs will be in your mailboxes—send home Wed with report cards
  • Tuesday Folders go home
  • No Staff Meeting--due to report cards and EdTech Sharefair Wednesday!
  • KTIP Meeting--Interns/Mentors 2:45 (Conference Room)
  • Micro Clinic 4:00-5:00 - (Library)

Wednesday, March 23

  • Admin Team Meeting w/ E. Oakley 11-1:00 (Conference Room)
  • Third Quarter Report Cards Go Home with students
  • Happy Half Hour--2:30 pm (Room 107)
  • District EdTech Sharefair 4:00-5:30 (Blair/SSE upstairs classrooms)

Thursday, March 24

  • DOUBLE PLANNING DAY — See schedule above

  • Data Teams during regular planning period
  • Student Lighthouse Team

Friday, March 25

Krista Mornar OUT 11-1:00 w/ Ms. Cooper's class

Robyn Marcum OUT AM

Susie OUT District Lead and Learn

  • Lexia Pizza Party for students who have mastered benchmark level 2:00 pm (Cafeteria)

(K/level 5, 1/level 9, 2/level 12, 3/level 14, 4/level 16, 5/level 18)

Coming Up

March 27-Easter

March 28-April 1 Scholastic Book Fair

FRC State Monitoring Visit

March 29 Staff Meeting--Student Growth Goals/POP and Program Review Committees

March 30 5th grade On Demand Prompt 8:45 (with accomodators)

School Performance of Jungle Book 1:00 in gym

Drama Club's Evening Performance 6:30 (Gym) change of date and time

March 31 K and 1st Engineering Showcase 6:00-7:00 change of date and time

New Teacher Session 3:00 (G. Childer's Room)

April 1 5th Grade Passage-based Writing Prompt 7:45 (with accomodators)

April 4-8 Spring Break

April 11 Spring MAP Window Opens

April 13 EL Design Thinking /Planning Session 3-5:00 (CO)

ABRI Committee Meeting 3:00

April 14 Louisville Ballet Performances @ SSE (12:00: K-2 / 1:20: grades 3-5---GYM)

Tiger Trails and Boot Camp Begin 2:30-4:00

Team Lead Meeting 3:00

SBDM Meeting 4:00

SSE Kindergarten Registration 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

April 23 Google Apps for Education Level 2 Training (Blair Center)

April 26 Southside Family Fitness Night 6:00

April 27 Secretary's' Day!

Wellness Committee Meeting 2:45-3:45 (Conference Room)

April 28 New Teacher Session 2:45 (T. Hill's Classroom)

May 6 KPREP Pep Rally 1:00 (Gym)

May 7 Derby Day

May 10-16 KPREP Testing in Grades 3, 4, and 5

May 12 Team Lead Meeting 3:00 (Conference Room)

SBDM 4:00 (Conference Room)

May 17 Election Day NO SCHOOL

May 19 New Teacher Session 2:45

May 20 LAST DAY for field trips using district buses

May 24 Southside Field Day

May 25 Southside Field Day Rain Date

Perfect Attendance Lunch 10:30-12:30

May 26 5th Grade Graduation 12:00 @ The Blair Center

May 27 Last Day of School

K-4 Awards Ceremony 8:00 (Gym)

May 30 Memorial Day

May 31 Closing Day