AIESEC for Jaipur

From the President's desk

You don't win, if you don't play!

"No excuses, no explanations.

You don't win on emotion, you win on execution." - Tony Dungy

Winning, now, has become exclusive. Not everyone gets to taste it. Only a few, brave hearts, the DOers, the Achievers, the opportunity takers win.

The LC has been known for winning, will always be remembered for the same.

Being and spending time with winners fills everyone with energy. I have experienced it. Fantastic it is.

The question which I ask myself everyday, "Who's gonna win today?" And there, I talk about you. Every morning I get up, a question comes in front of me, who's gonna be that great man or woman, that guy or girl, that leader, that performer, who'll do something exceptional, who will stand up and who will WIN!

From last 4 months I have been trying to identify the winners, got a few.

But that's not where my hunt stops. It goes on, to find the ultimate winner.

You deserve to win, each and everyone of you.

You can and you will!

Our Winning Stories

The past months have been really exciting. A lot has happened. I hope you went through a wonderful journey just like me. We created some beautiful stories. Let's have a look at some of our WINNERS :)
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Is this where you would like to see yourself when Jaipur enters the national plenary of JNC 2016?

Executive Board Appreciation

Congratulations to Ajay for making his way to National Support Team of AIESEC India for Global Talent for Organizations!
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MC and AI members in Jaipur

Youth Speak Forum 2016

6th March 2016 witnessed one of India's biggest Youth Speak Forum by AIESEC Jaipur where 600+ delegates attended the event with eminent speakers coming from different sections and fields of Education speaking about United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The event included Rajasthani Folk and a band performance.

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January Local Congress 2016

AIESEC Jaipur JanLCong After Movie

We at MNC 2016 :)

AIESEC Jaipur's roll call at March National Conference 2016

For that Winning Feeling

For that winning feeling - March National Conference 2016

International Representation of AIESEC Jaipur

AIESEC Jaipur was represented at Asia Pacific Conference 2016 and BRIC Conference 2016 held in Shanghai, China from 5th April-12th April 2016.

The overall experience of being a delegate at these conferences was fantastic where strategies from AIESEC International were put infront of the international plenary. BRIC 2016 was an opportunity for the LCPs and MCs of BRIC countries to create models that align us to the external BRICS by the governments of the 4 countries. At the conference we came up with strategies and plans that help us magnify the oversall operations in the 4 countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China.

BATTLE to JNC 2016 Launched!

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This is not it, more #Winning stories are coming up!

With the upcoming months, I trust that we will create more winning stories with our Leadership Conference in May.

Please fill this survey form, if you haven't:

The LC's real strength and metal is defined in the month of May and June. They are very crucial. We can't stay where we are. We need to get bigger, we need to get better, we need to get smarter.

I want to see, how great can you get and who wins our RnR campaign for this summer cycle.

Let's see, who #Wins!