Peggy Randall

All about me

Hello, I am starting my 12th year here at BrockISD. The 1st year I worked in the cafeteria at the elementary and then after that I began as a para in the special education dept. I worked with different students in the elementary and jr, high. About 5 years ago I started working a student who is visually impaired. So 4 years ago I started learning to read braille and I did classes so that I could braille her school papers for her . I have really enjoyed it and think braille is very interesting.I get to learn more each year as this students moves to the next grade level. I love working at Brock and being a part of the Brock family. I love kids and working with them. The students have taught me a lot also. I am also a wife, mom, and grandmother. I have been married for 29 years to my husband Tony. I have 3 boys Tommy, Kyle and Zach, and a beautiful granddaughter Destiny. Kyle and Zach will start college this year. I love to bake, and spend time with my family.