ARS High School Newsletter

August 20 - August 26, 2021


ARS Grades 9-12 has moved! We are so excited for more space to learn and grow. Our new address is 270 U.S. Highway 31 North. Please enter under the black awning.
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ARS High School Instructors

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are excited to meet our new students and catch up with everyone we had the pleasure to be with in the past. Athens Renaissance is a really special place and this upcoming year is going to be the best yet.

We have some new faculty and you will be hearing from them very soon. Communication is a cornerstone of who we are as a school, and not just us emailing or calling you. At ARS, we work better together and welcome questions, concerns, and communication from you. We do weekly “monitoring”, meaning we will communicate with you about the progress of your student. It is very important that students stay up to date on assignments and not get behind. In the event they do fall behind in classes, we will let you know. And, we will also communicate when your student has done great things too, because they do so very often at ARS.

Schoology login information:



Password: ACS computer login password

*** If you do not know your ACS computer login password, contact your homeroom teacher.

The following courses will be in Schoology:

Math - Geometry with Data Analysis, Algebra I with Probability, Algebra II with Statistics

English - English 9th-12th, standard and honors

History - 9th grade World History, 10th grade Early American History, 11th grade Modern American History, Economics/Government

Science - Biology, Honors Biology

Electives - Career Prep, Marketing, Personal Finance, and CO-OP

The following courses will be in Odysseyware:

Math- Precalculus, Calculus, Algebra with Finance

English - AP English Language and Composition

History - Early American History, 10th grade (B 2.0, V 1.0, V 2.0), Modern American History, 11th grade (B 2.0, V 1.0, V 2.0), Government/Economics, 12th grade (B 2.0, V 1.0, V 2.0), Psychology, Sociology

Science - all Science classes except for Biology and Honors Biology

Electives - Career Prep, Marketing, and Personal Finance

Retake Policy

Students are encouraged to work consistently in classes, with each course typically having 4-5 assignments per week. Assignments and assessments will open Monday at 12:01 AM and close Sunday night at 11:59 PM. Retakes for any missed assignments or grades between 60 and 79 can only be done the last week of the 9 weeks; you must contact your teacher to reopen the assignment(s).

  • There will be no retakes on grades 80 or higher.

If you score a 59 or below, you must contact your teacher to request a retake. The retake policy for Odysseyware continues to offer students the ability to retake assignments three times that are below a 60.

Plagiarism Policy

We continue to monitor and document plagiarism. ARS believes in original work and our policy is intended to help students learn better practices so that they create unique work and not copy someone else’s work, words, and ideas.

The teachers and staff at Athens Renaissance School hold all students to a high standard and believe in academic honesty in all courses. Using outside resources is allowed when completing tasks in each course. However, the act of plagiarizing work is unacceptable. All secondary teachers will be following the strategies below to discourage this type of academic behavior. All offenses will be documented in a shared file for all teachers and administrators to view at any time. The offenses will count across all classes, not three offenses in each class.

1st Offense: Student warning and reset question and/or assignment.

2nd Offense: Entire assignment will be graded as a 0.

3rd Offense: Assignment 0 and contact with parent and ARS administration.


Many of you are new to ARS, and others have been with us for a long time. ARS wants to provide the best education for you. This means that things often change, and while change is taking place, we are working through those transitions. Our parents and students have always understood that sometimes things take some time to fall into place. Throw in some technology, and it really can complicate matters!

As this school year starts, please be aware that maybe a class didn’t load in Odysseyware, or perhaps Schoology didn’t pull in a student from the new state program, PowerSchool. And maybe a password isn’t working and you can’t login. We promise we will work hard to fix those problems as fast as possible. You will never be punished or get behind in classes because of a technology glitch that is on our end. We want you to communicate those problems to us so we can correct them and you can get to work.

Really, this is what makes ARS a great place to go to school. We teachers, administrators, and staff believe strongly that we are in this together. And more importantly, we are doing education differently and you’ve made the choice to be here with us, and we don’t take that for granted. It will be a great year and we look forward to getting to know you.

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Scheduling a ZOOM Meeting with your Teacher

Calendly is a way to schedule a ZOOM Meeting with your teacher:

Teacher Calendly Links

Access Manager

Username: Firstname Lastname (There must be a space between your first name and your last name, but it isn't case specific.)

Password: Schoology/ACS Computer Login Password

Schoology Access



Password: ACS computer login password

Odysseyware Access


New Students in 21-22:

Username: firstinitiallastname25

Password: goeagles

20-21 School Year:

Username: firstinitiallastname

Password: goeagles21 OR goeagles

Students Prior to Current School Year:

Username: firstinitialmiddleinitiallastname

Password: ars2020

Odysseyware Parent Portal

As parents, you have the option to view the status of your child's work. To do this, email your child's teacher and ask that these permissions be given.

School Google Drive Account


Password: GoEagles!

High School Teachers Contact Information

Mrs. Leigh Boulineau, English Teacher, 10th Grade Homeroom,

Mrs. Jillian Chappell, Math Teacher, 11th Grade Homeroom (last names A-J),

Dr. Thomasena Garner, Science Teacher, 9th Grade Homeroom (last names I-Z),

Mrs. Lori Jones, Business Teacher, 9th Grade Homeroom (last names A-H)

Mr. Scott McCormick, Math Teacher, 12th Grade Homeroom,

Dr. Chris Paysinger, History Teacher, 11th Grade Homeroom, (last names K-Z),

Mrs. Sherry Kilgore, PE/Health Teacher,

Ms. Sonia Young, Spanish Teacher,