Heat Summary

By: Mike Lupica

Important part

Mrs.Cora had a green purse and was by the sub way. She has just got the purse for her birthday from some boys upstairs from where she lived. In the purse she had $100 she had just gotten from the bank. She started to walk up the hill to 825 Gerard from the the stadium. As she walked past the stadium she past by all the the little stores selling Yankee suvenirs. As she was walking someone hit her from behind. She was suddenly falling onto the the sidewalk, her green purse being pulled from her arm. Mrs.Cora hit the ground hard and felt dizzy, looking back seeing the boy running with her purse want much bigger than most boys. Mrs.Cora yelled stop but wasn't herd well because the rattling of the subway above her. The boy who had stolen her purse was Ramon he was known fro not wanting to work out of his lack of care,he spent most of his time on street corners. Casually stealing money and purses, As far as Ramon new at this point of his life was he could get a way with a lot because he was fast. Ramon ran down the side walks when he herd someone yelling his name he turned around to see a fat cop chasing him Ramon new he could out run him. Ramon had a simple plan of where he would go to get away, on his way he ran threw a baseball field were boys would play catch as he ran past he suddenly went down. when he woke up he was cuffed. Because a boy named Michael saw him and the cop and threw the ball at Ramon. Michael had an arm! This was am important part of the story because this was when Michael was sorta realized. That he was really good at baseball and had a amazing arm.

Whole story

A twelve-year-old boy who lives in the shadows of a Yankees field. The home of his childhood heroes. But he as never actually not even gotten to go into the stadium because it would cost him a fortune. Michaels loves baseball. In fact his life long dream if to be able to play in the Little League World Series. But Michaels enemy goes on a accuses him that he is over age limit. Michaels parents passed away so michael has no way to prove he can sense he doesn't have his birth certificate. Michaels life had gotten hard but most heros became after and luckily for Michael it involves the Yankess.

Big image

This picture goes with this part because it is representing a good arm which is what Michael has