Book 17-18

Kacie & Kila


Odysseus: He disguises himself as a beggar when he arrives in Ithaca. The reason for the disguise is to find out what people say about him. So he tells only Telemachus who his true identity. So he goes to the Swineherd. Then plan together how to kill the suitors.

Suitors: A group of men that have been hanging around Penelope and Odysseus's house for years eating and drinking everything they have. Due to the belief of Odysseus's death they wanted to marry Penelope.

Swineherd: He's in charge of the pigs and provides them with meals, uses them for sacrifices, and lives on farm there in Odysseus's home land Ithaca.

Telemachus: Returns from his journey to find news about his father; only to find out his father is pretending to be a beggar. Then plan together how to kill the suitors.

Theme & Examples

Theme: Be kind to your guests and treat your guests with respect no matter what.

Number One Example: A bad example was when Odysseus was disguised as a beggar, the suitors treated him terribly! The quote below just shows how the suitors treated him.

Quote: "He spoke, and as he passed recklessly kicked Odysseus on the hip."

Number Two Example: A certain suitor named Arneaus had yelled at the swineherd for even bringing Odysseus.

Quote: "Infamous swinegerd, why bring this man to town? Have we not here already plenty of vegabonds and nasty beggars to make mischief at our feast? Do you not mind that men devour the living of our lord by gathering here?'"

Number Three Example: Odysseus had been at the house of a true beggar - one that has always been one. The beggar had treated him horribly! It was ridiculous.

Quote: "Get up, old man, and leave the door-way, or you will soon be dragged off by the leg. Do you not see how everybody gives the wink and bids me drag you forth?'"