By: Jade Fitzgerald

Qoute One: Page 662 line 63-65

"They say no woman has ever, so unreasonably, died so shameful a death for a generous act:she covered her brothers body this is simply incent."

What does this quote mean?

Hamion trying to speak up for Antigone and prove their is no wrong in her doing for wanting to burry her loved one. It also shows she respects her family and wants to horror her brother properly.

How does this relate to the pictures above?

This is a picture of Jhene Aiko and her brother. Not to long ago her brother died from cancer. She made a song for him in honor of his death called "For my brother" Jhene Aiko is just like Antigone she wants to show love and respect for her brother. If Jhene was in Antigone's postion she would want the same thing for her brother.

Jhene Aiko - For My Brother

Qoute Two: Page 671 line 31-35

"O my son these are no trifles,Think: all men make mistakes but a good man yields when he knows his curse is wrong and repairs evil".

What does this Qoute mean?

Shows that Creon knows what he has done and needs to fix his mistake. But he is to late Antigone is already dead and his son Hamion killed himself.

How does this picture relate?

This pictures show the last moment of Creon with his son before his death.

How does this song relate?

Eminem betrayed his daughter by not taking enough time off to spend with his family instead of going on tour and writting songs. Just like Creon and how he betrayed his son with Antigone and punishing her when she was incent.

By: Jade Fitzgerald