The Banning Of Firearms!

Created By Evan H, Manny P, Jaime M, Robert W

Why do firearms need to be banned?

We need to ban guns because of the increased deaths and injuries caused by firearms.

The Proof!

As of this year in the U.S. their have been 45,033 incidents and out of those incidents their have been 11,343 deaths and 23,111 injuries. The number of accidental firing of guns have been 1,617 which includes deaths. The number of mass shootings(more than 2 people) is 288. If their were to be a ban on guns I can say without a doubt that these numbers would decrease significantly.
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The Tragedy

We all know of the recent shooting that took place at Umpqua Community

College in Oregon in which 9 people were killed and 9 were injured. All of these Heinous acts were committed by Chris Harper Mercer. The 26-year old bought the guns legally from a federally licensed arms dealer. Now if guns were banned he wouldn't have had a license to purchase the guns and this shooting could have never happened.

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For years we as humans have had to defend ourselves from things that are greater than us and we have kept this going on but now in our age it it more simple for us to commit homicide and torture and crime at the use of firearms because we think ourselves as powerful when we wield a weapon of the caliber but the real danger that plagues our society and kills and pushes our minds towards violence is us is humanity itself we are the weapon of mass destruction that hurts our children as well as adults when we blame firearms for mass killings we are not blaming us because we hold ourselves so high and think we could never hurt anyone but if if that person that kid that whoever wasn't holding a gun he would have a knife or a bomb or anything else that hurts us and we would still blame the tool because that's all that guns are tools so we consider them that tools not for home use or self defense just tools to powerful for us to keep around us and other people.