When you KNOW better, you DO better!

Fantastic Work This Week!

This week has flown by! We have been so busy in here getting ready for Kindergarten and working hard. The kids are doing such an awesome job writing their lowercase letters! We have focused a lot this week on shapes in math. We created a shape garden and shape bingo. The children also identified 3D shapes and where we can find them around us. For phonemic awareness and phonics we are really focusing on replacing beginning and initial consonants and creating new words. We are working on when to use long or short vowel sounds in words as well. Even though it was a week late, we talked about Earth and taking care of our planet. The kids really enjoyed looking at real pictures of Earth from outer space. They created their own Earth's with blue and green pieces of paper. Ms. Kathy is always bringing in new games and activities she has made at home for the kids to play with. They really enjoy the Lego Patterns and Button Sorting she has brought in.

Next week's agenda!


-Measuring Tools

-Snake Patterns


-Creating Playdoh Snakes

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

-Initial and Final Consonants

-Linking Sounds


-Linking Sounds


- Marble Painting

-Mother's Day Craft

Hand writing without tears

- Lowercase Letters

Learning Through Play


- Graduation will be Thursday May 21st at 4:00 in the Middle School.

- Please RSVP for Graduation and let us know how many guest will be attending. We need an idea for the number of cakes and beverages to provide :) Thank you!

-Evaluations are in Friday Folders this week!