January Jazz

Remember when January used to be a slow month?!

Read Aloud Intrigue

We enjoyed Masterpiece so much, we're reading Elise Broach's Shakespeare's Secret as a follow-up. Students have become detectives to help solve the mystery of the missing diamond. Some theories follow:


Hero will get the diamond by finding out what the poem means. She might need to go to the graveyard!


I think Mrs. Roth gave Hero the book and poem because maybe, on a full moon, the book will wake Hero up and lead her to the diamond!


I think the diamond is hid in one of the Shakespeare books in the Murphy house.


My theory is the diamond is hidden inside the house but only Miss Roth can find it because she has the necklace and you need that as a key to open a safe hiding in the house. She won't look for it because she doesn't want the police at the house again because it will bring back a memory of her friend.

I'm wondering...


How Hero can try to find the diamond when she has homework!


Did Danny get suspended for trying to steal the necklace from the Murphy's?


Earlier in the story, Hero felt Beatrice got the better bedroom. Maybe the diamond is hidden in Hero's bedroom and she'll end up having the better bedroom!