Where I Stand

Davis Lam

Education in Ontario- My Opinion

A concern that both me and my parents have is that if the teachers are teaching us the right things and if there's enough detail so we can understand. This is very important because whatever they teach us, we will think it's right and through our whole life we would have the wrong facts and it's very hard to forget it. Also, if the teachers know to break up a fight or to stop bullying when the see it.

Class Size

Full-day Kindergarten classes have no cap which means it can have as many as they want. Classes can fill up to 40 students. Though for primary class there has to maintain an average class size of 26 across the board. People say that having a smaller class size means students gets attention and will do better in school, however there is no statistics that proves this.

Split Class...

Students are being squeezed into split grades, making parents question if their kid is getting right amount of education. This is especially for younger grades because they need help learning and participating in class as they are still growing.

Some teachers even say that it is difficult to run a split class because both grades are very different and having to split the time in half will cause the students to learn much less than normal class.

Transportation in Ontario

Some concerns are currently being resolved like the subway construction in Scarborough. Although some of my concerns and my parents is getting to places on time, but some streets in Markham need extra lanes as a result of little lanes, traffic jams will start to take place because all the cars are clustered into 2 lances.


The school bus is also another concern of the people in Ontario. We know this is a serious problem because Unifor wrote to Kathleen Wynne addressing how all bus drivers should know all of their students and to make sure most importantly that they know all streets well.

I know this is important because I've had a few cases where the bus driver got lost and needed to ask the local area for directions, this means the driver is not familiar with the area and in the end it costs us a lot if time.

My parents would also say as the school bus stops, that there are way too many stops for a school bus, I think a better way is to have 2-4 points that students would have to walk to, to get picked up and dropped off. I've seen this when a school bus stops and after it started moving it stopped a street away, this caused many cars to have to wait for them.

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Klees to Premier on Subway Plans for Scarborough

Health Promotion and Sport in Ontario

In my opinion I believe that there are too many buildings, residential area, malls and plaza but there is way less parks, soccer fields, basketball courts, green space in Ontario. This is not counting farms because we can't exercise on the farm. I would always have to drive to look for a park with a basketball court that is free.

Yes, you can play indoors but almost every time it costs money and drop ins are only 2-3 times a week.


Also, I think that the food in Ontario should be more local therefore more healthier, because most of our food comes from importing from other countries, and some of them contain disease that can spread.

Overall local foods are the most healthy and least expensive because there is no shipping involved and there's a less chance the food will catch any disease.