By Veronica Trinh


This is a fully factual text. If you're not really sure on what a bushranger is, then you've come to the right place. It`s a term that is uniquely used in Australia to say and talk about people that are outlaws and highway men. If you actually do, still read this because you might learn a thing or two (or even better, a WHOLE LOT)!!!

Era of the bushranging

The bushranging era was in the early years of the settlement of colonies. It had also started in the 1950's where the gold rush fever was spreading and developing. Many people became a bushranger when the gold rush started and many people were murdered on the goldfields for their gold and what was supposed to be their fame and fortune. A lot of robbing and murdering was occurring during the time period of the gold rush because many bushrangers went to the fields and caused catastrophe and chaos.

Becoming a bushranger

Many people wanted to become a bushranger because men (and some women) thought society treated them bad and if their farming does't work out, then they won't have any benefits. Therefore, they would want to become a bushranger to steal essentials. Also people were tired of being bossed around by the government all the time. If you were like Ned Kelly, he was a bushranger because he was born cold-hearted, rebellious and killer. Besides that, young lads were just looking for fun, adventure and freedom, instead of the old same everyday chores. Some bushrangers were bolters. They had escaped from prison and were criminals and runaway convicts. They didn't want to have such a miserable life being a convict, so they became bushrangers. They were one of the first kind of people to become bushrangers.

Bushranger crimes and crisis

Bushrangers were outlaws, who committed many crisis.They were usually caught stealing people's cattle and horses (usually from farmers) who went away to the goldfields during the gold rush. Like the Kelly Gang, some bushrangers robbed banks. Serious bushrangers were involved in severe crimes like killing and murdering people.

Bushrangers Operating

Bushrangers lived usually in the wilderness. They would plan to operate sometimes in Bathurst when the gold rush had started and when many people left their homes. Also they would usually go to areas in Victoria to steal and rob. In Victoria, it was most found and said that bushrangers go to the Highlands of Victoria.

Top 10 bushrangers

There were many bushrangers but only a few stood out. We all have to agree that Edward Kelly a.k.a. Ned Kelly and his notorious gang called the Kelly Gang: Steve Hart, Joe Byrne and Dan Morgan made it to the top of the board. Harry Powers and Ben Hall is quite famous bushrangers so they are on the top 10 list. The trio, Martin Cash, George Jones and Lawrence Kavanagh, were best buddies and studied on escape plans, and how to be a bushranger together. They've luckily escaped many prisons. They are definitely going on the board. The lucky last to go on the list is... Frank Gardiner. He was on the same boat as Ben Hall for just a short while.

Notorious bushranger/gang

I know that many people will agree with me that the Kelly Gang (especially Ned Kelly) is and was always the most notorious bushranger. It had been proved to be that they had been in quite a hand full of crimes. Also he already had a bad reputation and made daring acts. He's so notorious and it`s undeniable. We must all agree that Ned Kelly and his gang is extremely notorious.

Such thing as always 'bad' bushrangers?

Not exactly, although most threatened people and sometimes their families. Others were escaped convicts. The bushrangers were very ferocious and mean and sometimes killed. On the contrary, some woman wore fancy and flashy dresses that made speeches. Also they treated and comforted other mothers and their children.

Nearly the end guys!

Learnt a thing or two? I don't mean to be rude but I TOLD YOU SO!!! And remember, Knowing Is Growing!