The Battle of Normandy

June 6, 1944

Declaration of War

War was declared on Germany after the invasion of Poland. The war was declared by Britain and France. Canada was forced to join the war due to their alliance with Great Britain. Germany defeated the allies and took over France. Many countries joined the war to liberate Europe from Germany's control.


D-Day was on June 6, 1944. This date marks the well planned invasion in effort to grant freedom to France from Germany.

156 000 troops were involved in the Battle of Normandy.

25,000 allied and German troops were killed, hurt, or taken.


  • Canada declared war on September 10th, 1939.
  • Canada was home to thousands of German and Italian prisoners during the Second World War
  • More than 37000 of Britains POW's were sent to Canada for safety
  • Forces were launched along a 50 mile stretch of the French coast
  • America entered the war in December 1941
  • more than 5000 ships and landing crafts of soldiers and supplies left England on June 6th, 1944
  • On June 11th, 1944, approximately 32600 troops were in Normandy