Willemstad Times

By: Jeffrey S.

Breaking news! a boy, Phillip found on a island alone!

Interview With Phillip

WT: how did you get on the cay?

P: We were on the ship at 3:00 AM on April 6, 1942 when we got torpedoed 2 days after leaving Panama.

WT: How did you wash up on the cay feeling?

P: I had a terrible pain in my neck wanting to fall back asleep.

WT: What was it like ont he cay?

P: well it was kind of hard because i was just about fully blind and i had to build everything and make it.

WT: What was it like on the cay with a black man, Timothy?

P: My mom told me that black people was bad and i had that thought in my mind when we were on the cay and he kept giving me little food and water and i thought that he was bad and mean, then though the weeks i understood why he did those things.

WT: What was it like not having timothy when he died because of the storm?

P: really sad and lonely because i only had stew cat and he couldnt even talk

WT: Were you afraid that you would never get rescued on the cay?

P: yes i was until i heard somthing and looked for it then didnt find it, then heard something again and made a fire to they could see the smoke and still nobody rescued me then finally a boat came and rescued me on Auguest 20, 1942.

WT: How did you survive with that terrible hurricane that hit the cay?

P: It's a really sad story, so me and Timothy saw a huge wave/hurricane coming and we prepared it to hit us. We didn't have enough time so Timothy covered his body over mine and saved my life from basically dying.

WT: Did you gain anything while you were on the cay?

P: well I used to be selfish and rude like racist to Timothy and i gained expeirence on living on a island but not i am not racist and sometimes i even to over to the boat dock to hear the guys like Timothy because it makes me remember him.

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy was a kind hearted west indian man who saved phillips life on the cay.

Timothy was born in 1869 and died in 1942.

Timothy died because when the hurricane hit the Cay and he covered his whole body around Phillip and saved his life by the power of the hurricane and wind hitting Timothy, that and he was very old.

What made Timothy special is that he wasn't an ordinary man, he had expierence in the ocean so he knew what to do and he taught phillip expierence and now phillip is brave and itsn't really selfish or a wimp anymore.

A Update On World War 2 in 1942

August 2 1942- 250 Dutch Catholic Jews were arrested.

August 4, 1942- German occupier orders all Dutch homing pigeons killed.

August 6, 1942- Assinibaine destroyer sinks a U-210.

August 12, 1942- German 1st tank leader captures Elista, Kalmukkensteppe.

August 26, 1942- Almost half a million Nazi Germans and Romanian soldiers attacked the Red Army.

And this is your World War 2 update.

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