The Pirate Blackbeard


An average size man with a rugged appearance, Blackbeard (who may also answer to the name Edward Thatch or Edward Teach) is described by witnesses to have a long black beard in which some say he lights fuses to terrify victims. It has also been said that he carries a sling around his body in which he has several pistols at the ready for capturing vessels with little consideration for those on board.
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Blackbeard has committed many atrocities lately one including luring two larger ships to his smaller sloop and overtaking both of them which goes to show how dangerous he is. This crime was one of the first of its kind ever recorded.

Where was he last seen?

The pirate was last seen blockading the water of Charleston, NC and raiding ships that came along in the area. Sailors be warned!


  • 5000 pounds for information
  • 8000 pounds for Blackbeard' head
  • 10,000 pounds for Blackbeard alive