"The Undefeated" Team

Wriiten By: Yazid romero

Thesis: Did the documentary accomplish what there purpose was?

Although they did get "defeated", and the title is "Undefeated", this documentary demonstrates how even though if anyone fails, you still can become a champion with character and pride. So besides that, this documentary did accomplish what there purpose was.

Purpose of documentary

The purpose of the documentary is making everyone a winner, not by winning the playoffs, but by making every team member realize what it takes to become a team. There was various struggles in the documentary, many lacked up because of how hard it can be but The Coach never gave up on them. Through their ups and downs, they never gave up and they felt like winners.

Where Are They Now?

Did They Fulfill Their Purpose?


This is a question that many have asked on this documentary. Like said before, they have been defeated but in the end, they all came out as champions, experiencing something astonishing and grateful in their season. So in my view, they have achieved their purpose, feeling undefeated inside because no one can take what they wanted to fulfill.

Reasons They Are Undefeated

There are many reason for why Manasas is undefeated, but here are my top 3:

1. Teamwork: You need a team so they can be with you whether you rise or fall, they never gave up on their team and that's what makes them winners.

2. Coach Courtney: Without Coach Courtney's inspirational speeches, his responsibility of taking care and being the for his team is something the team needs in order for everyone to cooperate and become successful not in the field, but inside of them.

3. Themselves: Without them, this documentary wouldn't exist at all, none of them would realize what it's like to work with one another and feel like champions.

In The End, Everyone is A Champion

After seeing this documentary, I realized how each and every one of them wanted to win the playoffs, all their hard work. Their teamwork was inspiring because they started from the bottom, they haven't won a game for a while and just seeing how they escalated rapidly, I know they didn't win their first playoff, but at least they made it where they wanted to be and like I said before, they started from the bottom and finished off being champions.