Hankins Highlights

The Happenings of Room 11

Notes from Mrs. H.

1. As the temperatures are plummeting closer to freezing please remember to send your child with a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf. It gets very cold out at recess and I want to make sure everyone can keep warm.

2. Please make sure that you are packing a quick and healthy snack for your child.

3. Please return any leveled reading books as soon as possible. Students will receive new books Monday.

Up Coming Events

January 11 -- Report Cards Sent Home

January 14 -- Date Night with Dad

January 18 -- Martin Luther King Day (No Students)

This Week's Learning

Math: This week we will start our unit about money. Students will be learning about coins. They will determine how many pennies are equal to a nickle, dime and a quarter. Students will be asked to find the value of a collection of mixed coins. At home you can work with your child on counting coins and making different piles of mixed coins. Have students add mixed coins up to 100 cents.

Reading: Our reading focus will be making text to self connections. We will be putting ourselves in the character's shoes and determine their feelings. We will also be relating the stories to our lives.

Content: In content we will be continuing our unit on economics. We will be learning about producers, consumers and opportunity cost. We will also be discussing saving money. Students will get a wallet at the beginning of the week and will earn money based on good behavior, homework completion, clean desk etc. Next week we will be creating a mock town. Students will become producers and create a good or service. They will also be a consumer and buy from one another. More will be sent out about this project.

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