The Platypus is a native Australian mammal

The scientific name of the Platypus is Ornithorhyrchus anatinus. The platypus have long noses called a bill which feels rubbery and smooth they have brown fur that keep them warm in cold water . They have webbed feet to help them to swim. Platypuses live in creeks ponds in N.S.W Vic TAS A.C.T and Q.L .Platypuses need bugs to eat they need their bills to search for food under water because eyes and ears under water .They need borrows to live on the creek. Platypus predators are snakes .Platypus are not like other mammals they lay eggs. I think platypuses are interesting because scientists sort them in to groups called monotremes they are 2 montremesand in the world and they are one of them. If their habitat is kept cleaned and hleathy platypus numbers will recover.