Water Shortages

Fresh Water in our world is becoming a scarcity

Introduction to water shortages

Our world is full of water to be exact our world is %70 water. So many believe yes, water is not a problem at all, but to the tell the truth, its the biggest problem we face today. As the human race we need to drink clean water, our food and agriculture needs water, almost everything that we do, needs to have clean water. The scary truth that many of us don't think about, is that not all the %70 of water is safe for us to drink. All of the water that is located on this planet, only %3 of it is safe for us to drink. More then 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water either! Water many say is a human right, but many do not even receive clean drinking water. I will speak of statistics of water, and what might happen if we do not do something about it soon.
Blue Gold : World Water Wars (Trailer)

Water wars

At this moment in time, many people are fighting over things like being able to be free, ending poverty and fighting wars over oil, when they are all missing the big picture. Water is our very existence, without it, we will die. It takes a person only 3 days without some form of hydration, to become dehydrated and die. Many countries will start to try and lose debt by selling there fresh water, when they themselves need it. Water is turning into a gold. The WWF says that by 2025, three thirds of the world will be without water and in desperation for it, losing all hope and buying countless amounts when water should simply be a right.

Water Shortage In California

California known for inhabiting very followed after individuals. But water in that area is starting to become very scarce and water that is being used is becoming a very dirty and gathering lots of dangerous bacteria. Now in this time California there's many debates going on currently about water safety and peoples right to water. One solution they came up with is they are working on a $1 billion project to create a place where water will be cleansed and will be safe for people to drink so the state no longer needs to import water from other places.

Canada's Water Shortages