Ending Racism the Best Way 2016


Racism, it's everywhere. It's everywhere because everyone who is different is everywhere. Since everyone is together it makes everyone uncomfortable.

What we can do to fix it

New Shops

What as a diverse community can do is to create shops that are made specifically for certain people. The shops may all be near each other with signs outside like Black, White, Mexican, Indian. All with a positive attitude we can end racism if we organize our community like this.

Taking Down and Building Up

Also, we can take down schools and build more so one school may be for whites, another for blacks, and so forth. Ending racist comments and bullying from the start. If we just separate them as kids, as they grow up they will just avoid what is not their race by default. We will teach them of the other races of course and to always be kind to everyone even if they are not of the same ethnicity.

To contact:

Xochitl Popoca


Any more questions you may stop by at Meadoelark Hills