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George Washington by: Evan Williams

Basic Backround of George Washington

George Washington was the 1st President of the United States and before that was the General of the Continental Army. He lived in Virginia and had also served in the British Army during the French-Indian War. He also played major roles in the declaration of independence and the constitutional convention

More about George Washington

George Washington is the biggest figure in American History and he is remembered in many ways. He is on the 1 dollar bill, part of American currency, and our nations capital, Washington D.C., is named after our great leader.

Fun facts of George Washington

George Washington suffered From a really bad toothache, caused by his ivory teeth that he wore because he had his others pulled.

You also may have heard of a story that George Washington cut down a Cherry Tree. Well it was a lie. It was made up by an author that wanted to put an interesting story in George Washingtons biography.

George Washington's Birthday is also known as Presidents Day and is a national holiday