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Tourist Attraction places in Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan is the biggest state of India with stunning metropolis Jaipur as its capital. Four Wheel Drive India is the best tour and Travel Company in India which provides Rajasthan tour packages at affordable rates.
Rajasthan is well known for its high quality of wonderfully crafted designs and you will be fortunate to get through the condition without purchasing far more than you ever planned. Fabrics and jewellery are Rajasthan’s most popular items, but wood work, metalwork, ceramics, and almost anything they create, has that unique Rajasthan touch of shimmering color.

Jaipur is one of the most tourist destinations in India that’s why people love picturesque valleys, historical monuments, majestic palaces, mysticism, diversity and exotic locations of it.
Jaipur is one of the hottest and most famous tourist attractions of India. A trip to India can never be complete without a visit to this place of immense historical and architectural importance. In its time it was among the best planned cities in the entire Asia and was the first planned city in India. Jaipur has a very happy amalgamation of the new and the old worlds. The charm and magic of Jaipur lies in the fact that it has a bit of everything- science, art and architecture, culture, religion, and history, ingrained into every inch of it. The warmth and hospitality of the people make a visit to the Pink city all the more memorable, remarkable and cherished.
Rajasthan is a globally famed tourist destination in India. It allures several sightseers and travelers all around the world and offers them to enjoy lots of amusements with outstanding tourist services. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Mandawa, Mount Abu, Jaisalmer, Kota, Chittorgarh, Ajmer, Pushkar, etc are some additional tourist destinations and towns in the splendid and royally state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s beautiful Pink City Jaipur, was the stronghold of a clan of rulers whose three hill forts and series of palaces in the city are important attractions.
The distinguished features of Rajasthan are its timeless monuments, palaces, royal charm, fairs, its rich culture and festivals. Tourists also get attracted to this state because of its wildlife tourism as the state has some of the world renowned national parks and sanctuaries.
If you are planning to visit India for the first time, there is no better choice than the Rajasthan Tour Package – which is too beneficial for the entire tourist.

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