Spain is mainly temperate climate. On the climate influence different factors:

.Latitude: influences temperature, which are lower as we go North.

.Atmospheric pressure: Atlantic depressions carry rain across the Iberian Peninsula from the East to the West.

.Altitude: causes temperature to fall and precipitation to increase in mountain areas.

.Distance from the sea: the mountain ranges that surround the Central Plateau from a barrier against the influence of the sea.

oceanic climate

this climate is in the north and north west of the Peninsula. All year round, precipitation is abundant and the temperature is cool in summer and mild in winter

mediterranean climate

this found in the rest of the Peninsula. In coastal regions, its dry and hot in summer. Inlad, there are marked difference between hotsummers and cold winters.

sub-tropical climate

we find in Canary Islands, which are close to the Tropical of Cancer. Temperatures are mild all year and precipitation is scare.

high mountain climate

this is found in the highest mountain ranges. Temperatures are lower than in the rest of Spain.