Early Ojibwe

Winter - Biboon


In winter women where the ones to cook the food. Sometimes there was more food that they could eat right away. when it happened the women would cut the meat into strips and dried the meat over the fire for it to dry to eat latter.

Men and boys hunted meat so they where away for most of the day time.The men and boys hunted large animals like moose,deer, and elk.They hunt during the winter so the Mother animal can help out the baby animals during summer,fall, and spring.


Other Winter Activities

In winter when the children where done with there chores they fond a lot of ways to have fun after. They would slide down toboggans and tree bark. They would tie snowshoes on there feet and play a game called snow-snake. The children go into a elders tipi and sit down and hear the elders tell stories that where passed down from generation.