Charger News

April 4-April 10, 2016

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively & to think critically."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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Professional Learning Communities

As the year goes on, the pace of the school year can really begin to pick up. There is always one event or another going on, it can be quite overwhelming given the demands in the classroom to meet student needs. I speak from the perspective of an administrator, some times the demand can be daunting, and you ask yourself the question..."how do I get it all done". As we look at the mountain of needs, administrative task, along with family demands, the importance of team becomes paramount. A good team can help you balance the load that we all bear as educators. Professional Learning Communities, allow us to accomplish more together than we could as individuals.

Sharing best practice is essential to us growing and developing our craft as educators. Collegiality as a form of professional development is vital. While it is not always easy to get a substitute, leave the building, and participate in professional development. It is very simple and convenient to walk next door and have a high level professional conversation about best practices, or actually observe those practices being used. This time and energy is well spent, and lends itself to us growing stronger to be able to meet the variety of needs our students have. Take advantage of the proximity we have to high level professional educators to support each other and to grow individually. If you have not visited Mrs. Brown as she leads instruction, I encourage you to go and visit. Her student success is no accident. Her efforts to improve student performance are always intentional.

Mrs. Shunks Advanced Placement Students Perform Above the District Average

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Mrs. Dunn Puts on her ELAR Hat and Helps Students With Writing

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Fall 2016 ACP Math Data

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2014-2015 End of Course Data

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Mr. Flores's Students Make Repairs To Small Appliances-Take Advantage!

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Conrad Feeder Pattern Foci

Listed below are items that our entire feeder works to make norms for every class in the Conrad Feeder Pattern.

  1. Progress Monitoring: Teacher-managed Profiling & Student-managed Profiling
  2. Differentiated Individualized Professional Development
  3. Data Driven Decisions and Instruction
  4. Graphic Organizer Utilization
  5. Justification of student responses (i.e. How do you know? Why? What does that mean? Explain, etc.)
  6. Scaffolding Instruction
  7. Differentiate Instruction, inclusive of Small Group Instruction/Instructional Stations
  8. No Opt Out, Think-Pair-Share, Cold Call
  9. Content Specific Writing
  10. Content Specific Reading

This Week...

Monday, April 4

Tuesday, April 5

12:00pm-SBDM Meeting

4:30pm-PTO Meeting

7pm- Softball vs. Bryant Adams High School @ Conrad Field

7pm- Baseball vs. Hillcrest High School @ Hillcrest Field

Wednesday, April 6

Thursday, April 7

Friday, April 8

4:30-Collegiate Academy Steering Meeting

7pm- Softball vs. Thomas Jefferson High School @ Conrad Field

7pm- Baseball vs. Creekview High School @ Creekview High School

Saturday, April 9

Coming Soon...

Student Survey Administration
April 14-Collegiate Academy Open House, 6pm
April 14-Collegiate Academy Luncheon, 11:30pm
April 16-Prom, 7pm

Announcements & Action Items

  1. Please post lesson plans in a visible place for visitors to access. (Remember lesson plans should reflect pacing by the minute for components within the lesson plan)
  2. Please be sure and review Mrs. Esparza's monthly calendar. If you have any events you would like added, see her in the front office.