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September 29, 2019

~ Reading Intervention and Enrichment at McIntire School ~

Reading intervention and enrichment will begin this week. Be sure to ask your student all about it!

At McIntire School, reading progress is screened and monitored throughout the academic year to identify students who are at-risk and students who need enrichment. Additional individual assessments may be given to determine skill deficits and strengths to assist in developing a focus for instruction or to provide additional interventions and enrichment.

A variety of reading interventions are offered during the school day to assist students. The purpose of these reading interventions is to accelerate the student’s reading progress and allow him/her to meet grade level expectations.

This year Ashley Gravemann, Megan Metz, Kathy Moore, and Marla Reynolds will be working with us in a variety of capacities helping to provide reading and writing interventions and enrichment to the students in our classrooms. These may consist of one-on-one instruction through a specific program such as Reading Recovery. Interventions may also occur in a small group setting or during a “push-in” time when the reading teachers come and assist with reading and writing strategies within the classroom.

SWPBS - Student of the Month

During our monthly, SWPBS Assembly, McIntire teachers announce the student of the month from their classrooms. Teachers look for students who are safe, respectful, and responsible. Some qualities teachers look for and our students of the month exemplify are:

  • Significant progress in the classroom
  • Marked improvement in grades
  • Leadership
  • Notable consideration towards others
  • Outstanding attitude/disposition
  • Personal development
  • Exemplary character
  • Individual achievement

~ September Students of the Month K-2 ~

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~ September Students of the Month 3-5 ~

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~ Ask your child about... ~

What's Happening at McIntire?

This Week at McIntire:

Tuesday, 10/1 - Monday, 10/14 PTO Chocolate Bar Sales (PTO will send information)

Next Week at McIntire:

PTO Chocolate Bar Sales Continue

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Please follow @McIntireElementary on Facebook to see photos and updates on what's happening in our building and classrooms. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish for your child's photo to be posted online.

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Arrival at McIntire School

Teachers arrive at McIntire School at 7:40 am unless they have a 7:30 meeting. Therefore, there is no supervision for students who arrive before 7:45 am. Please do not drop students off before 7:45.

We have a before and after-school childcare program (BAC-PAC) for students who need to arrive before 7:45 am. Please call Julie Bell at 590-8080 if you would like to enroll your child in the BAC-PAC program.