Gender Examinations

Made by: Hayden Allee


X-ray picture of the breast for women who have signs of no signs of breast cancer. This method is intended for women and they should get checked at least every two years. The age varies from how soon puberty hits and how soon you fully mature.


Pap Smears

Pap Smears are a way to see if there are any problems with a woman's cervix. This check is done to see if they have cervical cancer and it is only for women. Once women reach the age of 21 is when they should get regular check ups.


Testicular Exams

It is recommended that males at the age of 15 and above should check their testicles on a regular basis. Obviously this check is only for males and it is recommended to do this check after taking a shower.


Prostate Exams

Recommended for men between the ages of 40-75, this check is only for men. It is recommended for men to get a check every 1 or 2 years.