All About Me

by Ibrahim Mussa


My name is Ibrahim Mussa, and I live in Brampton,Ontario. I am 16 years old, and I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I live with a family of 6, including me. MY family consists of myself and my 3 siblings and mom and dad. I have a lot of preferences, such as food, and sports and TV. Some of my favorite sports is soccer, while one of my favorite foods is lasagna. To add on, some of favorite movies are Interstellar, and Kung Foo Panda. Also, my favorite animals are lions and pandas too. Also, I enjoy going for walks outdoors as well, especially during dusk, since that is when it is calm and quiet, which is very relaxing. Furthermore, I also enjoy reading and talking to my friends as well, which is a very nice past time, especially when you do not have anything to do.
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My future

After high school, I think that I would want to go into the video game designing and computer software industry. I would like to attend The University of Waterloo for their many engineering and computer programs that can help me reach my future career goal of a Computer Science Engineer or work in designing different software for many video games and other media.


My leadership style is a pace-setter. This style means that the person expects excellence and self direction, but can only achieve this with a high competent team.

My Influences

Role Models

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One of my main role models is my mother. My mother has always helped me when I needed her most, always making sure I do not give up and to keep trying. She has also been there when I usually want to make a decision, telling me to think for what is best, making me very grateful for what she has done for me.
All of these pictures mean something special in my family. For example, with the picture of soccer and swimming, my family loves to play these sports. My sibling even go to a swimming center every weekend, thus proving that it is a big part of out lives. As for soccer, i especially like soccer, since I've been playing it for so long. Back when I was little, I would play on teams and even at lunch at school. My parents also put education a very high priority as well, since it is our future as well.

Survey Results

Learning Styles

  1. Independence (Motivation)
  2. ISTJ (Personality trait)
  3. Interest Type (Builder)
  4. Knowledge (Business)


Pace-setting leaders expect excellence and self-direction, but only with a competent team

RHETI Survey

From this survey, I was told that I was a Loyalist. In my opinion, I truly think that these tests are not very worthwhile, mostly because you, as a person should already know these things if you are trying to improve and set goals with your life.


My top 2 intelligence were logical, and interpersonal. These were the final results I had come to once I had finished my test. These results show that with my personality is strong with these two traits. In my opinion, I think these tests were accurate in a way, since I too believe that these are my two strongest traits as well. I was not surprised with these results, mostly because I already about these results myself, thus doing these types of surveys myself in the past as well.

True Colors

In the True Colors survey, I had found that I was a gold and a green type of person, meaning that I am very responsible and very organised, while still asking questions about situations I do not feel comfortable in.

Personality Test

In my personality test, it had said that I was virtuoso, also telling me that I was an explorer as well. From this test, it had told me that I was an introvert, very observant, and very turbulent.

Career Type

"Persuaders often enjoy a business environment where they can start up and manage projects. They are excited by risk and typically prefer to avoid roles where they are not enabled to take decisive action." (

Left or RIght Brain?

From that survey, I had been told that my brain was similar to each other, with both being 46%, making it equal. This means that not only am I intuitive, but I am also orderly as well, since both of these personality traits are from each part of the brain


In my opinion, i believe that the brain test and the personality test were very accurate, since they both ask thorough questions, making it think and question if you really wanted to answer that question.
I believe that the true colors survey was a waste of time, mostly because you should know yourself, not needing a survey to be able to tell your personalities, since that would be no use to you in the first place. Also, I also think that when answering a survey, you yourself should be well known of yourself when taking the test, letting yourself gain more knowledge and how to help improve yourself with. That is mostly the reason why I had thought that these surveys were not worth the time compared to the other tests.
From all of these surveys, I believe that the one survey that helped me was the careers survey, since that is, in my opinion, the best survey out of them all, helping choose what kind of a career I could apply for, and other factors as well, like popular interests. These tests also helped a lot of other important parts as well, for example, from these careers surveys, I had learned that I use persuasion for business affairs, helping in many different ways. I can also use it to help make decisions quickly and even help others with their decisions as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Cooperative - Can help the team when needed
  • Inclusive- Make sure everyone is included
  • Initiative- Try to hand things early, instead of rushing
  • Patient- Can wait a good amount of time to help let others participate


  • Non-Attentive- Can't pay attention in certain situations
  • Impulsive- Doesn't think before doing
  • Struggles - Doesn't know what to do without guidelines
  • Loss of thought - Sometimes loses track of thought for a good idea