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Representing NVUSD Teachers, Counselors, and Nurses

October 12, 2020


Last Thursday evening a report from the NVEA/NVUSD Council was sent out to all certificated employees. Our agreement and past practice has always been a joint communication from these meetings. Please check your email for the report from Dana Page. Our last communication through this newsletter was a copy of the previous report, communicated the same way, and the interests and advocacy that we intended to use. Please note that there was also information about safety expectations and aligned discipline procedures

Some members have requested that future Memorandums Of Understandings (MOUs) be ratified by the entire membership. They are citing a part of the NVEA Bylaws that apply to contract negotiations, not MOUs. Policies around MOUs differ from those applied to contracts because MOUs address an immediate and short-term need. We understand the confusion around this distinction, and we will be addressing this more fully with Site Reps at their next meeting. Site Reps will in turn bring this information back to their staffs.

The Executive Board met with CTA Board member, Jerry Eaton, who represents Region One, about this issue. Here the information Jerry asked us to share with members.

I encourage you all to read the entire text of our Bylaws.

Here is a link to the recent MOU along with the rationale for each item. Please realize that opening for in-person instruction is not a negotiated item.

Your site rep will be sharing a survey with you to collect additional information from you on safety procedures implemented at your site and on additional concerns you may have. We are asking them to hold a meeting at their site before our unit wide site rep meeting on October 26th.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email

NVEA Leadership