for the gifts in my life

Happy Thanksgiving

Today as we had a class meeting, shared family traditions, and read about Squanto's journey and how his perseverance, compassion, and his open-mindedness I looked at your sweet children and felt so much love in my heart. We have worked so hard to create a classroom community that reflects the same values that Squanto displayed, and it was written all over their faces. As we read about Squanto and really discussed his character traits, I sat back and didn't have to say a thing. They identified, explained, and connected his values with those that we work on in class. We have come such a long way this year and I am so proud of their efforts both in and out of our classroom walls. Thank you for sending me your sweet loves each day and thank you for supporting me on this journey. I am honored to do what I do and am thankful for each day that I spend with your children.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful Thanksgiving!