Electric City Comic Con

Guests 2019

Artists Alley

These talented artists and authors will be located inside the library in "Artists Alley." Stop-by to meet them, purchase their books, get them signed and chat with these amazing artists! You can see many of our artists at various workshops and programs throughout the day as well.

Marcus K. Anderson

Marcus is a Capital Region-based illustrator and teacher. He is the co-creator of Snow Daze and the creator of EastRaven Adventures. Marcus' work recently appeared in Forward Comix's anthology, Gwan, and Action Lab's all-ages detective series, Cash and Carrie. He is also one of the hosts of the podcast Black Comics Chat.

Charles Barnett III

Charles Barnett III is a veteran comic book inker who has worked with some of the legends of the industry. Most notably his mentor, Joe Sinnott. Some of his previous work as an inker include: Avengers, Captain American and Elfquest. He is currently inking the comic book, American Dark Age by Megabrain Comics.

Molly Brooks

Molly Brooks is a highly-sophisticated disaster machine fueled by green tea and jelly beans.

Her illustrations have appeared in The Village Voice, Time Out New York, The Nashville Scene, The Riverfront Times, The Toast, BUST Magazine, ESPN social, Sports Illustrated online, and others. She spends her spare time watching vintage buddy cop shows and making comics about knitting, hockey, and/or feelings

Allison Conway

Allison Conway is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration in 2016. She has worked with clients like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Yale University, and for over two years has published a comic strip in Vice about a pillbug named Millie. She is publishing her first graphic novel with Top Shelf Productions in February of 2020. She grew up in the woods of Lake Geneva, WI and has always had a passion for animals and living organisms of all sizes.

Will Dudla

Will Dudla is a webcomic artist and illustrator based in upstate New York. He specializes in portraiture, comic themed work, and pen and ink drawing. His favorite things to do when not involved in staring at a glowing screen are spending time with his family and video games.

Jennifer Dugan

Jennifer Dugan is an avid young adult and comic writer who writes the kind of stories that she wishes she had growing up. Her debut novel, Hot Dog Girl, was released April 2019 from Putnam/Penguin. In addition to being a young adult novelist, she is also the writer/creator of two indie comics: Circadia and Gnaw.

Ulises Fariñas

Ulises Fariñas is the co-creator (along with writer Erick Freitas) of GAMMA, Motro, and Amazing Forest. He has worked as an artist on Catalyst Comix, and Transformers: Heart of Darkness.

IDW Comics hired Fariñas art duties on Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two in 2014. He followed up that series in 2016 with Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero, which he wrote.

He is also the artist of the bestselling Star Wars book Where's the Wookie.

Zach Giallongo

Zack was born and raised in Massachusetts, although one half of his family lives in Indiana. Between New England and the Midwest, he’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. He is the illustrator of The Stratford Zoo Midnight Review series as well as the author/illustrator of Broxo, Star Wars Ewoks: Shadow of Endor and Star War Doodles. He currently lives with two cats and enjoys playing the banjo. He also likes cheese, bowling, and writing in the third person.

Derick Jones

Derick Jones (formerly Skuds McKinley) is an illustrator, comic book artist and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. He has worked in the comics industry for 5+ years and also has experience in branding, logo design, album art, and more. His work has been published and supported by Boom!Studios/Archaia, IDW, Not So Super Comics, as well as Red Eye Vapor company and two successful Kickstarter campaigns. Originally from Virginia, Jones loves a good biscuit, cats, and drives through the country.

Sean Kelley

Sean Kelley is a cartoonist, illustrator and licensed veterinary technician living and working in New York’s Capital Region. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2006. He enjoys gaming, cycling, hanging out with his cats, playing intramural sports, obsessing over the Mets, and occasionally mucking around with Game Maker Studio. Sean’s previous work includes the mini comics, Dream Machine: Jackpot! and Robird Segal: A Murder of Segal(s), Chapter One, with Jessica Wadleigh. Sean is currently working on new editions of both as well as the biweekly web comic, Life After Roy.

Raymond Lowell

Raymond is an illustrator and purveyor of monsters, creeps, tentacles and the occasional spandexed hero. Founder and sole unpaid employee of Skunk Ape Design. He has illustrated, lettered and self-published the mini-comic, Moochie the Dumpster Kat, with writer Peggy LeGee and contributed art to Gore Shriek from FantaCo.

Phil McAndrew

Phil McAndrew is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer. He illustrated the Caveboy Dave series of graphic novels by Aaron Reynolds and Monster Science by Helaine Becker. Phil is also the author of Crying in Front of your Dog And Other Stories and has contributed comics and humor to MAD Magazine, The New Yorker, The Nib, Popula, and many other publications. He currently lives in Syracuse, New York surrounded by countless books and house plants.

Courtney Menard

Courtney Menard is an illustrator, printmaker and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. Some of her clients include The New York Times, BUST Magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, BuzzFeed and Akashic Books.

Neil Numberman

Neil Numberman is an illustrator and animator from bee-yutiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he currently resides and works. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts MFA Illustration program in 2006, Neil went on to create the Joey Fly, Private Eye graphic novel series for kids with New York Times Bestselling author Aaron Reynolds, and the picture book Do NOT Build a Frankenstein! After slogging it out for many years at an ad agency as an art director, animator and illustrator, Neil finally become a full-time freelance artist and writer/illustrator in 2011, doing work for a number of notable clients, including MTV’s Liquid Television and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. Most recently he’s done dozens of illustrations for Highlights book series and illustrated the FLIP AND FIN picture book series, written by Timothy Gill. In his free time, Neil likes to make comics and perform them at comedy clubs around Manhattan.

Melody Often

Melody is the creator of the kaleidoscopic adventure comic book series, Trinadot, whose first issue was released in print in 2009 and will be released as a color webcomic this August. She is a Xeric recipient for the graphic novel In the Hands of Boys, written by her mother, Janet Tangirala, and has contributed to such anthologies as Young Bottoms In Love, Amazing Forest, and Magic Bullet. She does freelance illustration and paints in both the studio context and as live performance. Aside from exhibiting and speaking French she enjoys science podcasts and the natural world.

David Ryan

Dave Ryan is best known for his Eagle Award nominee comic book series called War of the Independents and has other creator-owned titles called Penance, World Wide Warriors, Owlgirls and Bye BiPolar. He has worked on other comic titles such as Deathlok, Hercules, Judge Dredd, RoboCop and Xenya.

Gregg Schigiel

Cartoonist Gregg Schigiel is the creator/author/illustrator of the PIX graphic novels. He is also a regular contributor to SPONGEBOB COMICS, wrote the X-BABIES: STARS REBORN graphic novel for Marvel Comics, and has worked for Nickelodeon, DC Entertainment, and Disney. Through Hatter Entertainment, he publishes original works and audio podcasts. He likes donuts, enjoys comedy, and makes sure he drinks plenty of water.

Daniel Stalter

Daniel is a storyteller and a comic book writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He launched his first series Dream Crasher in 2015 with artist and frequent collaborator Reed Olsen. They have since published 4 of the 12 planned chapters, and have run two successful Kickstarter Campaigns. The first collected edition of the series was released in early 2018. He also writes for the Geeks OUT blog and is an organizing member of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers.

Christian St. Pierre

Christian is an artist who specializes in game and comic book illustration. He has worked with companies such as Topps, Fantasy Flight Games, Atlas Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Hero Games, and Mongoose Publishing.

Jen Wojtowicz

Jen is a local fine artist, author, and illustrator. She is the creator of the science fiction series, Sleepers the webcomic the Avenging Angel and the autobiographical works, Bunny Girl and Protection.

Comics Commons

Be sure to visit our "Comics Commons" area outdoors in front of the library. We are featuring comic related artisans, dealers, and organizations.

The Costumer

Our local costume store and sponsors of this year's Cosplay Contest will be here selling a selection of costumes and accessories from their shop.

Fishscale Creations

Resin cast figures, boxes and accessories, steampunk/found object inspired jewelry, and wire wrapped pendants with geeky inspiration.

Given to Fry Food Truck

Fries, nachos and more from this Pearl Jam themed food truck to keep you fed and happy at Comic Con!

Jaz's Memorabilia, Cards & Comics

Silver age to current Comics, art, toys & cards. Comic collector and dealer for over 35 years for all types of collectors from beginners to serious collectors.

Katie Jantz Art

Prints, cards and notebooks using original pop art focusing on sea life and weird fusions.

Kona Ice Food Truck

Delicious and refreshing shaved ice!

Life in the Fass Lane

Hand sewn kids masks, capes, costumes and more!

Open Door Bookstore

The Open Door is Schenectady's locally-owned independent bookstore and gift gallery, serving the capital region for more than 45 years. They will be selling a selection of graphic novels.

Rogue Salvage

Recycling paper into creative keepsakes and providing a unique collection of buttons, pins, magnets, jewelry, candles, coasters and more.


Handmade leather cuffs, journals, keychains bags and more with superhero flair.

Sassy's Satellite

Founded in 1995, Sassy’s Satellite has become one of the premier purveyors of popular culture collectibles in America.

Tafle Games

Comic book and tabletop adventure store dedicated to providing a family friendly atmosphere. We carry a full line of games, graphic novels, Marvel and DC comics, as well as many other amazing publishers. Our game and book selection is focused on bringing families and friends, of all ages, together at the tabletop.

Toying Around

Buy & Selling New & Vintage Toys, Comics, Trading Cards & So Much More ! Visit their storefront location in Johnstown for an even bigger selection!

Upstate Merch

They will be here with their printing presses and participants can live silkscreen their own t-shirts on the spot for only $15. Choose from 1 of 4 original Electric City Comic Con designs. A portion of each sale goes to the Friends of SCPL to help fund future events and classes like Comic Con.

Whitney Book Corner

The Friends of the library fund raise and support all public programming at SCPL (among many other things!) Their efforts made our Comic Con possible. They will be selling fantasy, manga, science fiction and other used books to help raise funds for the library. The Friends also run the popular used book stores: The Whitney Book Corner and A Second Look (ViaPort Mall Rotterdam.)