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Reminders and Announcements

-Dec. 9th 9:00: Puppet Show for K-2 learners at school

-Dec 10th 7:00: PRS Band Christmas Concert

-Dec. 10th: Guest Speaker from Adventure Sports to come and talk to C1 about scuba diving around the coral reef.

-Dec. 11th: Last day to turn in canned food for Community six's service project

-Dec. 17th 1:15: Our class holiday party. Please sign up to bring something below. All are welcome!

-Dec. 18th: Last Day for Learners

-Jan. 5th: Learners Return

Holidays Around the World

Learners are participating in researching other countries and what they do to celebrate during the holiday season. They have created a "suitcase" and will add a handmade souvenir from every country we "visit." We will learn about the countries and customs of Italy, The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Mexico, England, and America.

This past week we researched Italy and The Netherlands. Be sure to ask your learner about La Befana and SinterKlass and what souvenir they put in their suitcase to remember their time there!

Writer's Workshop

Thank you for coming to our first publishing party. Our learners love knowing that they will have an audience and they are working extra hard during Writer's Workshop. We have jumped into "How-to" books. This is explanatory writing where students have to think and write the steps to anything they choose. Be sure to ask your learner what "How-to" book they are writing in class!

Project Work

We have been moving right along with our research on sharks. Our first question that we needed to answer was whether or not a shark was a mammal. Learners fist started out by learning the classification of animals. We researched and named the different groups of vertebrates together and then each group had to sort pictures of animals into their groups. Ask your learner if a shark is an invertebrate or vertebrate and if it is a fish or a mammal. Talk about the different classifications of vertebrates. (Hint: amphibians, fish, mammals, birds, reptiles)

Learners then were given their first book on their shark. They had to work together to read and record what they learned about their shark from that book. Each group reported their findings to the class.

We have a guest speaker coming on Thursday to talk with us about scuba diving around the coral reef!

Thank you for sending in additional research books for us!

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We have added a 4-D model of a Great White Shark to our Project Work Center!

Learners work together to take apart and put back together a model of a shark while reading about the different body parts and their functions. I'm embarrassed to say that the kids put it together faster than me! :)
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Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader!

Items Needed and Greatly Appreciated


-Lysol Spray and Wipes

-Plain white Copy Paper