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E-mail, Social Media, and Digital Citizenship.

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About Library Research Class:

My name is Mr. Keniston, the librarian at Claremont Academy. I also teach several classes, including one called "Library Research" that your middle school student is taking this quarter. Much of the quarter will focus on media literacy topics and digital citizenship skills including:

  • The WPS appropriate use policy for computer users,
  • Being an appropriate and positive member of an online community,
  • Learning how to stay safe while using the internet
  • Typing more efficiently on a keyboard,
  • Creating digital works of art and poetry,
  • Writing reviews of books read for pleasure and posting them online,
  • Using an e-mail account for effective and appropriate communications,
  • Accessing online assignments and reviewing grades.

Your child on Social Media:

One of the first tools that my students will use is a social media website called Bookopolis. It is intended to encourage young people to read and then write reviews that they share with other students in class. Additionally, these book reviews can be read by students from around the world. This is a carefully monitored and moderated site, with clear rules for appropriate behavior. Users can be removed from Bookopolis by their teacher or parent at any time for acting inappropriately.

This is an effective and safe tool for students to learn about online etiquette and being a positive member of a social media community. Please visit to learn more.

Bookopolis Guidelines for students:

1. We are the guests of Bookopolis and must follow their "Basic Rules of Conduct," a key part of the "User Commitment." You will read the basic rules and learn how to be positive members of the community.

2. You are encouraged to share information about favorite books that you read when you were younger. This information is intended for younger children and must be appropriately written in words that they will understand.

3. We will be interacting with other students in our class, as well as younger students in other schools. All interactions must meet the high standards set by Bibliopolis. Students who are inappropriate will be removed from Bibliopolis and may fail the digital citizenship unit of this class.

4. Using Worcester School District computing resources is a privilege, not a right. Students who violate the district appropriate use policy will be punished. These punishments may include loss of computer privileges, detention, suspension or expulsion.
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Please contact Mr. Keniston with any questions:

Mr. Wally Keniston - MSPM
Teacher / Librarian
Claremont Academy
15 Claremont Street
Worcester, MA 01610

(508) 799-3077 x 194