Double Dill

a continuing memoir of our lives

Spring has Sprung!

Without a doubt, winter has come and gone. Though a few snow days cuddled up together would have been nice, the sun is up and the sky is's beautiful and so are you! Dear springtime, can't we come out to play?!

So many people this time of year start cleaning up something (i.e. their house, garage, life, etc.). I (Katie) have been cleaning up my mindset on different things. I never thought I would be a "theatre person", but after performing in the orchestra pit for Godspell in March, I'm totally up for another production now! I found that participating in this made me super happy and I love being happy! The people were so funny and inviting...I just felt right at home. I can even say that it was refreshing to reflect on some of those good life lessons again like I had learned in Sunday school years ago. I'm a firm believer that God intends for everything to happen for a reason; whether or not we understand or acknowledge the reasons is irrelevant. I believe the that the reason for my participation in this musical was for God to reteach me some little but important lessons that I need to remember in my day to day walk as a Christian. God is good!

Back to SPRING....we have Friday and Monday off together! Poor Chaz has to go back to work on Tuesday, but I'll be taking my break for the remainder of the week. Even if it's a little hard to believe, I'm going to miss my students next week, but I think I'll get by....hehehehe!

Have a good evening everyone!

Love, Katie & Chaz

We went to Wilmington...

We bought a ukelele and visited my cousin Sarah Beth! It was a blast and I miss it already. This was the 2nd time we have visited her together, so we pretty much know this will be an annual trip...if not bi-annual! The pictures above are one year apart. The beach constantly calls my name...

Then to Asheville, NC

We stayed at the Lake House in Saluda with some of Chaz's friends. They treated us like royalty and we had the best steak dinner and hot tub anyone could ask for. Unfortunately, we chose a paddle boat that wouldn't go forwards, only backwards :)

Last Days of First Grade

A Rewarding Year!

These children have been my life for the past 10 months. I couldn't think of another job that could be as rewarding as the job of a teacher. I hope my reflections of my first year of teaching all on my own will help me in finding more ways to reach the hearts and minds of these brilliant children. No matter how tough some of the days were, I love each of them more than you could imagine.