Twilight Saga: Eclipse



In the third book of the trilogy Bella Swan faces new challenges. While still dating Edward, she gets more strong feelings for Jacob. On the other hand in Seattle mass killings are going on and the Cullens believe it’s headed for Forks, even for Bella. Will Bella be able to handle what’s coming for her or will she crack under pressure? Will Edward lose Bella to Jacob? The answers will be in this book.

Main Characters

Bella: 17 years old, Junior in high school, dating Edward, Dynamic character, very laid back and calm, wishes to become a vampire

Edward: 107 years old, dating Bella, calm but can have a raging fury at moments, protective of Bella, Dynamic character, wants to propose to Bella

Jacob: 16 years old, werewolf, in love with Bella, despises the Cullen family, Static character, high anger


Fantasy, Romance, Drama


I would recommend this book to anyone that likes sci-fi or fantasy books with a love story. This age group is mostly for teenagers due to the romantic atmosphere. Plus, if you love a little bit of action thats in there too.