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Tonilee D. Aleman

Was Fuzzy Wuzzy Really Fuzzy? By:Tonilee D. Aleman

At our local zoo on the day of January 2, 2012, there has been a tragedy as one of the three bears in the bear habitat got a fur disease. Which one? Fuzzy Wuzzy. This bear caught a horrible skin disease that makes all the hair on the surface of the bear’s body fall off. So far the bear has shown no sign of knowing that his hair is gone.Perhaps he had the disease before when he was in the wild. How the skin disease started is yet unknown.When more is discovered, we will be here to cover it.But the real question is was Fuzzy Wuzzy really Fuzzy?
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Without bones we would all be blobs, so you should be informed so you understand the skeletal system. We have 206 Bones in the human body. The odd thing is a baby starts out with about 300 bones, which are fused together as they grow. Also, when a baby is born, its cranium is separated into three pieces. A crazy fact about a baby’s bones is that babies are born without kneecaps. By the time someone turns 18, they have 26 bones in there foot, but at birth they only have 22. The femur or thigh bone is the heaviest bone in the human body.The process of the bones growing doesn't end until youre 25.There also are six different types of joints in the human body.There are 22 bones in the human skull.The smallest bone in your body is the stirrup, and it is almost the size of one piece of rice. Well, thats all you need to know about bones.
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In this movie, family looks to prevent spirits from trapping their child in a realm called The Further.This PG-13 movie will leave you on the end of your seat.This 2010 movie will leave you wondering and it has a twisted ending. Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Ty Simpkins are the wondrous actors and actresses that bring this movie to life. Go and see this movie if you like scary suspense. Just watch out, so he doesn’t get your kid too.
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Insidious Movie Trailer Official (HD)