TFSJLV October Membership Meeting

Become The Change You Wish To See!

We Started the Movement! Now It's Time to Be The Change!

The children come ready to share their gifts and learn along side us, families trust us with their most precious life gifts and they hope and pray that we choose to do right by them, communities keep a watchful eye looking to see that we care for their future, and WE, what will we do? We will rise to the challenge, because we are HERE, we are READY, and we are RESOLVED to bring JUSTICE to the classroom, the school house, and the community! Our children are counting on us, and WE will deliver! The movement has started! WE are it! WE are HERE! WE are READY! If you are with US, then so too should you be here with US! Join US! Join the MOVEMENT, and become the change you wish to see!

Come as you are, bring what you can, seek what you need, and give what you must! The time and space is here, because in this moment, we are ONE!

In Solidarity,


Educators Committed to Social Justice Welcome!

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 6-8pm

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Teachers for Social Justice Las Vegas

Teachers for Social Justice Las Vegas, or TFSJLV, is a grassroots, teacher-led collaborative organized to create liberatory spaces for educators to engage in consciousness raising, self-transformation, advocacy, leadership and community building. Through innovative programming, TFSJLV seeks to provide a forum for teachers and community based educators to examine, address, and respond to challenges faced during their every day work in the field. A primary goal of the organization is to empower educators to create teaching and learning environments that are equitable and just, and that provide PK-16 students with access to resources, a caring inclusive culture, and the sense of agency necessary to deconstruct systems of privilege and power in their schools, community, and society-at-large .